Where do you Blog?

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I have been tagged by the lovely Multiple Mummy in a meme called “Where do you Blog?”  Being a nosy parker I have followed this meme as it’s done it’s rounds as it’s always nice to see how other people are set up for Blogging.

My PC was on it’s last legs and not coping with multi tasking so when I got my inheritance last week I invested it in a new one and had a reshuffle of my “work area.”  So this is where the magic happens…….

As you can see it’s organised chaos!  Adorning my walls are brainstorm ideas for the Christmas feature I am currently working on as well as pending and received to do lists!  In the far left of the picture is my craft unit which since Blogging has remained untouched apart from finishing off the blanket from the “Craft that took a year!”

The Hubby sits on his PC behind me where he has a messy desk covered in biscuit crumbs and spends his time either bashing my chair or shouting at World of Warcraft.  If this gets a bit too much then I can also be found on my bed, watching TV, tapping away on the laptop!

Now lets see where your magic happens!  I am tagging

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