On the 6th Day of Christmas Spud & Spike gave to me……….GADGETS GALORE

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Male, female, young and old.  Everyone loves a good gadget!  Welcome to Gadget’s Galore!

Most people I know have a Smartphone of some description.  There is nothing more frustrating to me than when my iPhone battery dies and I have no way of charging it.  My iPhone is my lifeline.  The Hubby also has one and we have one in car charger that we often fight over when we go out.  Duracell have solved our problems by introducing the Portable 5 Hour charger.  you simply charge it in a plug socket at home and then take it out with you for an extra 5 hours of talk time on certain smartphones.  It can also charge multiple devices at the same time so the Hubby and I need never fight over a charger again!  It isn’t just limited to Smartphones, the Duracell Portable 5 Hours charger can charge anyting with a mini/micro usb socket including the Kindle, eReaders, music players and blue tooth headsets to name but a few.  It has an RRP of £39.99 and can be found in a vast amount of stockists including Amazon.

You may remember the Lightspeed iHelicopter from our Gifts for Him guide on our 2nd day of Christmas.  I have had a lot of fun with this so it had to be mentioned again as it really isn’t limited to just men!  You simply download the free app to your smartphone, put the transmitter into the phone headphone socket and you are away.  When we received it we were a little dubious but were shocked at how powerful it is!  We were also shocked at how robust it was when my flying skills proved somewhat dodgy and I planted it into the wall.  It is really easy to set up, fun to fly and even comes with spare parts in case there are one too many wall incidents.  It can be purchased from Paramount Zone for £29.99 and makes the perfect gift.  Keep your eyes peeled for your chance to win a Lightspeed iHelicopter.

Next up we have yet another genius idea for prolonging the life of an iPhone battery.  The Mophie Juice Pack Plus.  It adds just 1mm to the surround of your iPhone 4 or 4s and doubles the battery time.  Avalible in 4 eye catching colours it appears to be a standard case but it’s features are mind boggling.  It adds a whopping 8 hours of talk time when 3G is enabled, 7 hours of 3G internet, 11 hours of WiFi, 44 hours of audio playback or 11 hours of video playback.  It also features “Acoustic sound enhancement”  which means it redirects sound from the speaker at the bottom of the iPhone to the front resulting in a much better sound quality.  There is a simple switch which allows for standby mode meaning that it only has to be on when it is needed.  A battery indicator tells you how much “juice” you have left and it doesn’t interfere with phone or internet signal.  One word.  Amazing!  It retails for £89.99 but I have found you a fab offer on Amazonwhere you can nab it for £58.99!

Now this is at the very top of my Christmas list.  The Apple iPad 2.  The Hubby always drags me into the Apple store and I hate it.  I love everything in there and could spend hours playing on their products but two little people always complain that they are bored!  I won’t go into all the technical A5 chip malarkey because quite frankly I don’t understand it and I don’t really care.  It’s pretty and it gives me internet and apps without straining my eyes.  What more could a girl want?!  I will say thought, that since the release of IOS5 the iCloud is now available which is paramount for protecting documents and photos if the worst should happen.  It also means that if I take a photo of the boys it uploads to the iCloud and is accessible to other people with a log in.  My mum, the Hubby and other friends and family can keep up to date.  there are over 140000 apps for the iPad so it really does do everything!  Remember – “There’s an App for that!”

A Stylophone is a pocket sized, retro synthesizer used by people like David Bowie and Mark Ronson.  It allows even novice musicians to create their own music and with an MP3 input and headphone socket for unintrusive musical experimentation.  To make music you simply tap and drag the stylus across the metallic surface changing the pitch of the note.  The original Stylophone retails for £19.99 in Argos.

For more of Spud & Spike’s 12 Days of Christmas please visit the Advent Calendar!

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