The Huggies PT Challenge – Daytime Dryness!

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I haven’t blogged about Potty Training Spud for a while because it was all going pretty much the same.  When I went to stay at my parents house for three weeks we did hit a few hurdles and started getting poo hysteria.  He started having wet accidents a lot more and he would go and hide and then be devastated when he pooed in his pants, even if they were Pull Ups.

When we got home the accidents stopped and we seemed to jump that last hurdle and be well on the way to being fully potty trained.  Within  a few hours he took himself off to the potty and came to get me saying he had done a poo.  Low and behold there it sat in the potty!  He had a HUGE smile on his face and there was lots of high fives, kisses and stickers!  After that breakthrough Spud would take himself off to the toilet whenever he needed a poo.  He obviously wants privacy because he never asks me to take him, yet he will always ask me to take him for a wee.

He started back at Creche after 9 weeks off so I sent him there in Pull Ups and we had a week of pants in the house and Pull Ups when we went out.  On the Saturday I ran out of Pull Ups.  It took me totally by surprise and I was ready to rush out and get him some but the Hubby, being the sensible headed one, said to give Spud a chance at wearing cotton pants out and about.  He spent the weekend in cotton pants with no accidents – granted we didn’t go very far and didn’t venture out in the car but still it was a success.

On the Monday (his second week of Creche) I sent him in cotton pants.  I packed two spare sets of clothes in his bag and wished them all luck!  When I picked him up he was wearing Creche trousers.  That meant that in 2 hours he had 3 accidents.  They advised me that he was struggling with his trousers (to be fair to him I had sent him with a fiddly belt!) and to send him in shorts next time he went.  Luckily we then had that heat wave so he was in shorts anyway.  On the Wednesday (his second day with cotton pants) I picked him up after a 3 hour session wearing the same pair of shorts I sent him in.  He had been to the toilet 3 times and had even pooed!  I was gobsmacked but unbelievably proud.  Since then he hasn’t had any accidents at Creche.

He has had one accident at Craft group whilst concentrating on his biscuit and one poo accident at home which was only a tiny one and he finished it off on the potty (I think it snuck up on him!) so in just over just over 2 weeks I think that is fantastic.  After the Creche success we decided to start letting him wear cotton pants full time.  It meant that now if we were in town or the car we were to live up to the demands of a toddlers bladder.  Spud knows how to play us, if he was in the pram or stuck in traffic then guess what we heard “WEE WEE MUMMY!”  Out would come the My Carry Potty and we’d hide in stairwells or behind the car doors whilst he would sit there going “ha ha no wee wee.”  Eventually we started saying to him “in a minute Spud, just wait until we get to so and so” and guess what, not once has he had an accident.

The relief of having him out of nappies is immense.  Two in nappies has been crippling to our bank balance and I did feel like I was constantly changing bums so it’s given me a little bit of freedom from nappy changing.  At the start of this process I was scared and upset.  I thought that him leaving nappies behind him would be the last step out of babyhood.  I was right, it is.  But at the same time, I still get lovely baby cuddles and kisses, he still is and always will be my baby.  Even as a 25 year old man he will be my baby…..

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living My baby you’ll be.

You can see the rest of our potty training journey by clicking this link: The Huggies Potty Training Challenge

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