The Easywalker June

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Now my love of pushchairs is no secret and not so long ago I was top in the Google search for the term “Pram Whore.”  I spent a long time trying to find the perfect double when my boys were younger, luckily for my husband’s wallet I was able to make the decision based on research and not through trial and error.  Thus my love for Easywalker was born.  I still use my double on the odd occasion that the Hubby is at work and I need to be somewhere but now Spud is doing a lot more walking we are primarily using a single.  I wanted an Easywalker Sky or Quattro but because they didn’t parent face my desire for a Jané Slalom Reverse topped them both.

And now Easywalker have thrown this spanner in the works.  The brand new Easywalker June.  Not much has been said about this new pushchair and no matter how many times I ask them questions they say “all will be revealed soon!”  It did make an appearance at the Kind and Jugend show last month where some very lucky people got to see it in all it’s glory and it is rumoured to be released in Spring 2012

All I know is:

  • It can be parent and world facing
  • It is travel system compatible with a car seat or a gorgeous looking carrycot
  • It looks as though you can change the colour of the liner and hood to suit your mood
  • It has 4 off road tyres
  • It’s lightweight, compact and can be pulled along on two wheels when folded

For more information on the June check out the newest post with lots more information pictures and hands on information!

The Highly Anticipated Easywalker June

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