The Craft That Took A Week…

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Last Monday I had what I thought was a brilliant idea.  Spud and I were going to make a Papier Mache hot air balloon to hang in the playroom.  He loves hot air balloons and one of my earliest school memories is doing that exact activity.

I got all the materials out and we got to work.  Then I remembered how messy Papier Mache is.  Spud kept changing his mind about whether or not he wanted to touch it and the balloon kept rolling around or falling off its cup-stand, I started to lose patience pretty fast.  After finally completing one layer it was tea time and I breathed a sigh of relief.  The Hubby assumed that we had given it up as a bad job.  He obviously doesn’t know me as well as he thought!  I wanted that damn hot air balloon in the playroom so I was going to bloody well get it!

The next day I waited for the boys to have their afternoon nap and then got to work on the next layer.  Two layers later I stood it on the window sill to dry.

The next day I repeated the same process.  I was now nurturing the damn thing.

On the 4th day I got the paint out for Spud.  I decided that he could still be involved and painting would go down well with him on a boring afternoon.  He did a coat of paint and we hung the balloon on the washing line to dry.  Luckily that evening I did a second coat of paint when the boys were in bed.

On the morning of the 5th day I came downstairs to see my masterpiece on the kitchen floor.  The balloon had popped!  Luckily it only suffered a minor bash and it didn’t really need anymore work (in an ideal world I would have given it another coat of paint!)

Last night whilst watching the XFactor I sat there weaving a basket out of paper and plaiting ropes.  The Hubby was most amused!

Some sticking and fiddly rope tying later, we had a finished Hot Air balloon!!  This morning when I showed Spud, he was mostly just confused.  Then he went to get Spike and said “come see the palloon up deh!”  and they both laughed.  It has successfully helped to brighten up our playroom and I’m pretty proud of myself so glad that I didn’t just give up.  But I tell you, it will be a LONG time before I do anymore Papier Mache!

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