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When Spud and I went to Lollibop we spent an awful lot of time in the WOW Toys tent.  He fell in love with their toys and was delighted to be sent home with a little present from them.  He was given a little caveman and a dinosaur which he plays with all the time and his love for dinosaurs was born.  I’m pretty sure he has an imaginary dinosaur for a pet as he often says he is waiting for the dinosaur or tells me that the dinosaur is having a wee wee.  Anyway I digress……

We were offered the opportunity to review for the British designed WOW Toys so jumped at the chance after the reception that Spud gave their toys at his Lollibop teaser.  We didn’t know which product we would get so you can imagine our absolute delight when “Jurassic Jimmy” was delivered to our house!

Spud was jumping around with excitement shouting “DINOOOOSAUR!” and begging me to open it for him.  I just about managed to get a good look at the box and found it to be very bright packaging with an excellent view to the product inside, it will definitely jump out when on a shop shelf.  Jurassic Jimmy is aimed at 18 month to 5 year old children which at first I thought was an awfully large age gap but then I saw the side of the box which explained very clearly about how it benefits children of different ages and caters to their different developmental stages.

Now came the tricky part.  When I pulled the toy from the box I loved how the background came with it creating a little play scene for Spud to play with but whilst I had a toddler desperate to play with the toy I had the mammoth task of removing the toy from the cardboard.  It had the dreaded plastic ties which weren’t that much of an issue until I discovered that they were also threaded through a large bit of black plastic underneath the jeep.  To remove this bit of plastic I had to try and make sure that every tie had no kinks in otherwise it got stuck.  With a two and a half year old jumping around next to me I felt the pressure and it took me a lot longer than it should have done to remove the toy from the packaging.

Whilst I was battling with the packaging and getting really quite angry with it, I gave Spud the leaflet that came in the box.  It had pictures of all the other WOW Toy ranges and a big poster for him to colour in.  I thought this was a nice touch and also a bit of a life saver!

When Spud finally got his hands on the Jurassic Jimmy set he was still just as excited as when he first saw it.  The box contains a friction powered car called Jimmy, detachable trailer, pop up egg, a caveman called Stig and two baby dinosaurs called Tricksy and Bronty.  The quality is great, all the bits are well made and fit properly together.  It will definitely withstand the negative aspects of toddler play – being thrown across the room, trodden on etc etc.  It doesn’t appear to be a toy that will break easily or chip when it hits the wall which impressed me as it will be long lasting.

Spud is nearing the role-play stage of development so was having great fun driving the dinosaurs around and making Stig the caveman talk to them.  The fact that he already had a caveman and dinosaur from Lollibop has just added to his excitement and both have hitched a ride on the back of Jimmy.   The sign of a good toy in this house is how protective Spud is of it and Spike is yet to have a look in.  If he has been around then Jurassic Jimmy has been up high out of his reach.  Stig and the baby dinosaurs have also all made it into Spud’s bed at nap time and into his box of favourite toys so a definite hit with him!

WOW Toys are available to purchase from Amazon and other good retailers.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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