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Deep in rural Derbyshire the Real Cupcake Company came up with the fantastic idea of dairy free gourmet cupcake kits made with natural ingredients, real fruit and absolutely no artificial colourings or flavourings.

The quick and easy kits come with everything you need for perfect home baked cupcakes so when we were asked if we would like to review them I jumped at the chance.  Anyone that knows me is will tell you that if there is an easy way out in the kitchen, I will take it – hence marrying a Chef!

When the box arrived I was very curious, I was half expecting a packet mix to be staring back at me with “just add water” decorating it’s packaging.  Instead I was faced with a bag of cake mix, a bag of icing, two large piping bags, two piping nozzles, cupcake cases and decorations.  A beautiful leaflet caught my eye that had lots of pictures of scrummy cupcakes on and turned out to be the instructions with the words just add two eggs!

We popped it in the fridge after inspecting it all which is where it needs to be stored until required (there is a use by date clearly stated on the packaging.)  A few days later we got it out and started baking!  Spud was very excited, he loves baking but the Hubby isn’t a cake fan so I rarely bake them to save myself from turning into a cupcake shaped wife.

Preparing the cakes was over so quickly, it took literally 5 minutes and was so easy.  We popped the cake mix into a bowl and mixed in two eggs on a low whisk setting.  It was quite tricky to get all the mixture out but we managed to turn the packet inside out and scrape it all into the bowl.  Next we lay out the cupcake cases and evenly divided the mixture.  When it says it makes 12 cakes it’s not lying.  We had to steal bits from the first few that we had done to get it to fill 12 cases but I can be a little bit too generous with the mixture especially if the cases are as large as these.

Once baked the real fun began.  I had never used a piping bag before and although I didn’t ask the Hubby for help he was hovering in the kitchen.  I followed the instructions from the leaflet and had even watched the videos that they suggest in it whilst the cakes were cooking but it just didn’t come that naturally to me.  Hence the Hubby laughing his head off and taking the piping bag off me in such a way that it screamed “this is how it’s done!”  What can I say, he piped like a pro.  After all he is qualified in it!  It turned into a bit of an “ice-off” when I started to get the hang of it, but it only made him show off even more.  Can you guess which is my attempt?

In the end I decided to use the chocolate sprinkles to hide my shame whilst the Hubby chose to let his stand proud

Then came the all important taste test.  Packet baking usually tastes a whole lot different to cakes made from scratch but these were a total shock.  They tasted like I had slaved in the kitchen weighing out the ingredients myself.  The cupcakes were fluffy and a nice delicate sponge and the icing had a zingy orange hit and was especially scrumptious with the chocolate sprinkles.

There are 3 ‘Nice’ flavoured kits available, Orange,Lemon and Strawberry and 2 ‘Naughty’ kits, Strawberry and Champagne and Blueberry and Bourbon all made with natural ingredients and real fruit.  With prices starting at £9.99 they are more pricey than the average packet baking mix but for the flavour and knowledge that they contain no nasties, they are well worth it for quick fix baking.

We even had a fair bit of icing left over so whilst I went off in a sulk about the “ice-off” the Hubby worked on trying to cheer me up

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