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Spud has always had a huge love for ride on toys.  At 7 months old he had mastered the typical baby ride on and soon progressed to bigger things.  We are currently at a really odd stage where ride on toys are too small for his long legs but his legs are too short to reach the peddles of his trike.  With this dilemma preventing him from having speed demon fun whilst playing outside Mookie kindly offered to let him review the Mookie Mini Street Cruz.

The Mookie Mini Street Cruz is a scooter for children aged 3 and up and consists of a lightweight metal frame that folds down enabling it to be stored or even carried easily.  The rugged plastic deck is strong and can hold weights of up to 20kg.  The reason we had never considered a scooter before was because I always thought he was too little to be able to sustain that sort of balance but the Mini Street Cruz has two robust, PVC wheels at the front for increased stability and to encourage the development of balance.  The steering is done using the tilt action by leaning toward the direction that you want to go making it a lot smoother and easier to control.  It has one wheel at the back with a press down foot brake for safer slowing down and stopped.  When I had my first scooter I ruined shoes by using them to slow me down as I zoomed along the pavement!

When it first arrived Spud was extremely excited.  He was shouting “Bike! Bike!” and helped me to rip the box apart.  I was a bit worried that it would require a lot of assembly and that I would have Spud getting impatient whilst I put it together.  Luckily all that was required was for me to screw the front wheel bracket on with the tools provided.  Within seconds the Mookie Mini Street Cruz was up and raring to go.

Unfortunately for Spud is was raining out so he had to experience his first scooter ride up and down our hallway.  I was pleasantly surprised that he knew exactly what to do and started shooting up and down the corridor!  The tilt action is good in theory but it is going to take him some practice.  Because scooters are brand new to him he lacks a little bit of balance needed and he naturally leans to the left as he is scooting along so ends up either crashing into the wall or going around in circles, depending on what space he has!  I’m sure with a bit more space and a lot more practice he will master it.

We absolutely love how lightweight the Mini Street Cruz is.  Spud can pick it up easily with no signs of struggling and when folded he can carry it along quite happily.  The fold is great because it means it fits nicely in the foot well of the car and even in the basket of the pram when Spud is playing at the park.  With the handle bar being quite high he has a lot of growing room so it should last him a long time so with an RRP of £35 it is excellent value for money and aides the transition between baby ride on and big boy toys!

The Mookie Mini Street Cruz is available at large retailers and is currently on offer on Amazon

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