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When I hear the brand “Innocent” I immediately think of their smoothies.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they actually do fruit juices as well as snack pots, fruit tubes and a kids juicy drink.  When we were asked to try the Juice I was thrilled because we love their smoothies and it’s a sure fire way to get 1 of Spud’s 5 a day into him.  Available as smooth orange juice, apple juice or orange juice with bits, Innocent juices are made from fruit and only fruit.  It is pressed and never sweetened or from concentrate.   Each juice comes in 3 different sizes, a 1.35 litre family carafe, a 900ml carafe and a 330ml carafe.  Each 900ml carafe of orange juice is made with 11 juicy hand picked oranges and each 900ml carafe of apple juice is packed with 8 hand picked apples.  It contains 6 x 150ml servings which equates to 6 portions of fruit.

We opted for Apple juice and Smooth Orange juice.  They taste fantastic.  The only problem with having drinks like this is our house is that they go very quickly.  The Hubby and I were even fighting over the last drop of apple juice and were joined by Spud who of course had to wade in and get the last bit.  The bottle was great, it felt a lot sturdier than most juice bottles and the screw top has saved us a few times when Spud has tried to help himself from the fridge!

At £1.99 for the 900ml carafe they are a little pricier than other standard juices however the Innocent promise and knowledge that you are drinking pure fruit and getting one of your 5 a day make it worth the money.

To celebrate the launch of their juices, Innocent have set up some rather cool online games.  The Hubby had great fun laughing at how rubbish I was at “Keep em Peeled!”

There are 3 games on the Innocent website that as all worth checking out.

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