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Groupon has always been something I have heard people talking about and thought “I must check that out” but then forgotten about by the time I get home.  When I was asked to review Groupon I jumped at the chance to finally see what all the fuss is about.  It is basically a website chock a block with discount vouchers, some with savings of 90%.  The deals are available to the whole of the UK and a variety of products and activities.  You could save 76% on a photo canvas or even 65% off a stay at Goytre Valley Holiday Park – there really is something for everyone.  Each deal has to have a certain amount of purchases to be “on” and it varies from one deal to the next.  If only one person was interested in a deal capped at 20 people then the deal won’t go ahead.  When you purchase the deal you aren’t given the Groupon discount to use straight away.  When the deal ends, providing the deal is on a Groupon Discount code becomes available.

When my credit arrived I was very excited to dive in and see what deals they had to offer.  I searched my city and found lots of Groupon discounts for restaurants, gym passes and even a hair and make up course.  Nothing really jumped out that was practical to do straight away because of factors such as the Hubby’s job and finding a babysitter so I opted to search the national deals.  The website is fairly easy to navigate, it could be a lot easier with some more options.  For example to search the national deals I had to google Groupon and click the link rather than navigate straight there from the Plymouth deals.  I found a deal for a saving of 76% on a 20 x 30 photo canvas so clicked buy.  The purchasing process is simple and you enter in your details as you would with any online purchase.

There are terms and conditions to every discount voucher.  Mine expires on 30th December 2011 and the discount doesn’t include a mandatory £7.95 postage charge from the photo company when I order my canvas but for a saving of 76% that is fine by me!  After I placed my order I was sent a confirmation email with instructions on what happens next.  It did say in the email that when the deal ends and the discount becomes valid I would receive a separate email with the code but I didn’t receive this email.  It was only a few days later than I started to wonder why I hadn’t heard and I logged in to find the voucher waiting for me in the “My Account” section.  In the order confirmation email it also drew my attention to referral incentives.  For every person I refer to Groupon that places an order I could have £6 credit put into my Groupon account which can be redeemed against future deals.  Groupon suddenly became a way to not only save money but to also make money!  Now that I have my Groupon Discount code I am waiting to have a photo edited so that I can place my order with the photo company and use my discount code.  The experience with Groupon has been a very pleasent one.  I’ve saved a lot of money on something that I have wanted for a long time but could never justify spending that sort of money on.

Groupon is very good for “treats” and if we were planning to go away we would definately check out Groupon first to see if there was any vouchers relating to hotel stays or day trips but it’s not something I would use everyday.   The emails with deals on are handy for bringing your attention to the best deals but be careful when you browse different cities because I ended up with 5 emails one in one day about deals from those 5 cities!  Email settings can be changed in the “My Account” section so don’t let that put you off saving some hard earned pennies.  With the credit crunch people have had to sacrifice nice days out and trips so Groupon definitely helps to make the luxuries possible.

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