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We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the multi award winning Fudgy Bear at this house for some time.  Spud first saw him on his friend Charlie Monster’s Blog and as a huge fan of books was very excited to meet him.  Fudgy was due to release 2 new books this summer so we waited patiently for their release.  When we got the email telling us that they had been released and that Fudgy was on his way we were very excited!

Aimed at 1-5 year old’s, Fudgy Bear is the star of an adventure series written by Sarah Marley.  His life started when Sarah decided to write a story for her son about his teddy bear visiting a farm.  It went down so well that she decided to design a new bear and write a series of stories about him.  Suitable from birth, Fudgy is a stunning bespoke bear.  At 32cm tall he is made with the finest, softest plush material and every detail is well thought out.  He has hand stitching on his face and paws and his name is embroidered on his foot and printed clearly on his ribbon.  He has black studded eyes and gorgeous golden brown fur which makes him look like a truly classic, traditional bear.  There are 5 stories in the Fudgy Bear series – Fudgy Goes to the Farm, Fudgy Goes to the Zoo, Count with Fudgy, Fudgy Meets the Baby Animals and Fudgy Goes to the Seaside.  Each one includes bright photographs and stars Fudgy Bear on every page.  On the website it says that Fudgy Bear “Makes Learning Fun” and each book introduces children to animals, sounds, numbers, colours, shapes and other educational factors.  Every photograph featured in the books was taken by Sarah so a lot of love and care was taken into the compiling of the books.

The postman popped along early one morning when Spud was at Creche so I was able to get a good look at Fudgy and all the goodies that came with him without toddler hands snatching it all away.  We received the gorgeous Fudgy Bear, Fudgy Meets the Baby Animals and Fudgy Goes to the Seaside, Fudgy’s Activity Book and a canvas bag.  The books were excellent quality with thick pages all bright and appealing with Fudgy Bear doing various poses and interacting with his environment throughout.  The activity book is full of fun activities aimed at pre-school aged children including dot to dot, mazes and counting activities.  Then I got to the star himself.  He truly is a beautiful bear.  I gave him a thorough inspection making sure that his fluff didn’t come away easily and that his eyes were safe for my little people.  He passed a lot of tests to comply with European safety regulations, EN71 Parts 1, 2 and 3 so really is suitable from birth.  He has movable limbs and a bean filled bottom so sits nicely without falling over.  His fur is so soft that I even gave him a little snuggle and considered hiding him from Spud forever.  I did hide him but only until after bath time when I gave Spud a Fudgy treat after putting Spike to bed.

Spud was very excited to see new books.  He adores looking at books and can often be found looking at one or surrounded by a pile.  He can recite parts of his favourite books and always begs for one more story at bed time.  He immediately started flicking through “Fudgy Meets the Baby Animals” and was telling me all of their names and what sounds they made.  Then I showed him Fudgy.  I wish that I had thought to put the video camera on because he looked up at Fudgy, down at the book and then did a double take.  He gave me the biggest grin and said “Teddy in book!”  He sat Fudgy between us and I read him the book.  I loved that it was filled with educational stuff, it means he is doing something he loves but also learning at the same time.  It also got him involved with the story by being asked to point things out or to count them.  After we finished the story he demanded that it be Fireman Sam time and usually he isn’t a cuddly teddy person but Fudgy stayed with him in his arms for the entire episode.

Since then Fudgy has taken up residence in Spud’s bed.  Whenever Spike got a little bit too close for comfort Fudgy was hidden under the pillow.  Today Spud wanted the read the books after his nap so I told him to show Spike.  It’s not often that we get nice brotherly bonding time because they are usually fighting over something or another so Spud sharing with Spike definitely gave Fudgy Bear some extra brownie points!

Spike loved Fudgy, he is only 9 months old so too young to make the connection between the bear and the books.  He was curious about the books but sensibly Spud wouldn’t let him touch them.  For him I think it will be great if he bonded with Fudgy now and then discovered that he stars in books when he is a little older because I imagine his reaction to be even better than Spud’s was!

Fudgy Bear retails for £15.99 and his books for £5.99 each but they are worth every penny.  There are bundle deals on the website and if you like their Facebook page or sign up to the newsletter you will be the first to see any special offers that they have on.  For example 3 of Fudgy’s books are retailing for £3.99 each all of this week.  The Activity book retails for £1.99 which is a great price for the amount of content that it contains.

Fudgy Bear is a truly fab product and a massive contender for the best product that we have ever reviewed.  I’m not looking forward to the fights that may be caused due to the boys shared love of Fudgy but he is definitely a welcome addition to this house.

Keep your eyes peeled for a very special Fudgy Bear competition during Spud & Spike’s 12 Days of Christmas!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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