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Spud has a huge love for trains, especially ones made by Brio.  At his Creche they have a fantastic Brio train set and on the days that they have it out that has all he has wanted to play with.  It’s not surprising considering that on a daily basis trains feature in some shape or form in our lives.  It can be an actual train, a toy train or a program on the TV, where there’s a train there is a Spud.  TV wise it doesn’t matter if it’s Thomas the Tank Engine, Chuggington or even just a video on YouTube of a random Steam Train going across America – he is enthralled but toy wise he is always more drawn to the simple wooden train sets.  Imagine his absolute delight when the Wooden Toyshop offered him the chance to review the Brio My First Railway Set.

 Suitable from 18 months it is the perfect first train set for any little enthusiast.  It consists of 8 pieces of curved track making up a length of 133cm.  There are two ramps, a fabric station and an exquisite little engine with 3 different coloured carriages.  The carriages have big bright pictures of fruit on which adds an educational aspect to the toy.

When the parcel arrived Spud saw the box and was a little bit curious but carried on with what he was doing.  I pulled it out of the parcel box and was immediately impressed with the packaging.  It was sturdy, eye catchingly bright and had some little touches that made me smile including a little message just on the inside as you open it.

Spud looked up to see what I was doing and as soon as he saw what it was and was literally jumping on the spot.  He immediately delved into the box to get the pieces out barely containing his excitement.  We set it up in a circle because I assumed that he would prefer continuous track.  He was quite happy rolling the train around in a circle until he noticed the two ramps.  He took the track apart and attached a ramp to each end.  The ball and socket way that the track pieces go together is so easy that Spud can quite happily do it himself and it means when it is time to put it away that it only takes seconds to do.

I was extremely impressed by the quality of the whole train set. We have played with this style of wooden track before and the difference between the tracks is definitely noticeable.  The Train and carriages are on a whole new level in comparison to the cheaper ones, they are beautifully painted and you can just see the quality is superb.  It makes the £23.95 price tag is well and truly worth it.

Now originally (and somewhat naively) I thought the Spud and Spike might share this.  Spike took an interest in it as soon as he saw it which didn’t go down well with Spud at all.

Spud has become very protective over the train set so it is definitely a hit in this house!  He takes the Train and it’s carriages to bed with him after making sure that each piece of track is placed carefully in it’s box.  A few days after it arrived Spike managed to get his hands on some of the track only to be busted by Spud who proceeded to hit him around the head with it after declaring “IT’S MY TRAIN!”  I think I need to find something suitable for Spike to call his own and accept that this has been claimed 110% by Spud!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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