Happy Halloween!

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We have been staying with Nana and Pops since last Thursday which has greatly pleased both boys.  They are loving all of the attention and sly treats behind Mummy’s back.  On Friday Spike and I popped over to London for the Baby Show at Earls Court whilst Spud had a day with his Daddy and Pops.  On Saturday the hubby, the boys and I went to see the other side of the family as well as ours friends Phill and Paula (from Mummy Vs Work.) Spud and Kayleigh get on really well and it’s lovely to see them play together.

On Sunday we had our very first Halloween Party.  My mum cooked for the five thousand and Spud spent ALL day eating.   I have never seen him eat so much, we thought he might pop!  We found loads of cheap decorations in Asda and the 99p store but had to opt for the least scary we could find.  We didn’t fancy giving a bunch of babies nightmares!  They had a really good day although Spud decided he’d rather run around in his underwear rather than his Vampire suit.  Spike is so round that he made a very good pumpkin and their friend Theo came as a ribbed devil.

Tonight Spud answered the door to his first ever trick or treaters.  The first bunch were 3 little witches and he looked at them like they were crazy but without prompting put a lollipop from “his” bucket into theirs.  Every time the door bell went after that he ran to the door squealing but he did get a bit tight fisted with the sweets when he realised that the more he gave out the less there would be for him!  He kept saying “twickatweet” to everybody so I took him over to see a neighbour who loves Halloween because he wanted to show off his monster costume that he got from Fancy Dress Outfitters.

Hopefully tomorrow my laptop will be fixed so I can get back online properly and not use my Dad’s netbook which quite frankly is TINY and I have no access to my emails.  On Wednesday we are heading to Stamford Bridge for a tour and museum visit which the Hubby is extremely excited about and then Thursday we are heading home and back to normality!

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