The Craft That Took A Year….

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Last week I wrote “The Craft That Took A Week” about my papier mache hot air balloon that turned into a labour of love.  I have lots of unfinished projects in our house that my husband huffs and puffs about.  He usually doesn’t say anything until I get a brilliant idea to start something new and then I get a little reminder that I don’t ever finish things that I start.

Well a year ago I was pregnant with Spike and we had finally settled on his name.  Lots of my friends were making patchwork quilts and little blankets for their babies and I wanted to join in the trend.  I hunted high and low for the perfect fabric and scraped together some money because it couldn’t possibly wait until the next pay day for me to start it.  I drew out tons of ideas and finally settled on the perfect one.

My material all arrived and I was raring to go.

I started off by drawing the applique that would go on the front.

I even pinned them onto the material.

It was time for bed so I gently packaged it all with the intention of starting it the next day.  Unfortunately this is how it stayed until 31st January (more than three months later and a whole month after Spike was born!)

That day the laptop broke so with nothing else to do I dug it out and started blanket stitching.

Those 6 letters took me 5 months!  On 30th May 2011 the applique was finished.

And this is how it stayed until yesterday afternoon when I finally pinned the fleecey back to the completed front.  Last night I set up the sewing machine and set to work and I can now say that after a year of stopping and starting it is finally finished, just in time for winter!

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