The Baby Show 2011 – Earls Court

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Spud and Spike’s Top Products from The Baby Show!


Well to be honest it’s more Mummy’s top products because Spud stayed at home and had a boy’s day with Daddy and Pops and Spike slept the whole time.  There was me thinking Spikey could use his baby charms to break the ice but nope he decided to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Luckily I took my Nan with me to be on bag carrying pram pushing duty so I was able to really have a good chat with the exhibitors and learn about their products.  One thing I will say about today’s Baby Show is  that is was full to the rafters of exciting, innovative products.  So many of them made me say “wow” and “how cool is that?!”  Because of this we have decided to share with you our favorite products that definitely need to be checked out.   If you get a chance to go to the show this weekend pop by their stands and say hello, everyone was unbelievably friendly and very welcoming!

(In no particular order) First up we have the Yoomi self-warming bottle.  It is a brilliant concept and super easy to use.  The element works by pressing a button and heating in 60 seconds.  It goes into the teat section of the bottle and the milk has to pass over it to get to the babies mouth heating the milk to the same temperature as breast milk.  It’s BPA free and can be used over and over again by simply boiling the element after use.     I’ve always turned my nose up at reusable wipes.  I didn’t know how they worked and didn’t fancy the washing.  Then I saw the Cheeky Wipes demo.  They are so easy to use and contact with baby “business” is so minimal that they actually do “make a bum job easier.” My first question was about how many wipes were needed per nappy change as I find myself using at least 3 disposable wipes on a dirty bum and I was assured that each wipe brilliantly grips and that for a normal dirty bum one wipe will do the job.  You will only ever need to buy essential oil refils – imagine how much money that will save! The PlayDuvet is essentially a bright, attractive, stimulating double duvet cover that transforms into a soft, fun and safe play mat for your baby to play and learn on.  It folds up to a tiny size (without a duvet in) and fits into the bag on the top left of the picture so very portable which is handy for holidays or trips away from home.  By adding duvets you add padding to soften falls from early sitting, crawling and standing so a great product for the early years.     Silderm have developed a unique range of products for the prevention and treatment of Stretchmarks.  I received the treatment demo and was mightily impressed by what it claims to do.  Not only does it reduce the redness but it also reduces the length and indentation of the stretch mark.  It isn’t just a product that says it will work, it has been clinically proven to and if it’s going to help the appearance of my war wounds from Spike’s pregnancy then I’m more than willing to give it a go!   Y Bike produce a range of ride on products from 9 months.  The first product in their range is the Y Bike Pewi, a small ride on toy with castor wheels that is also shaped so that it can be a push along walker.  Next up is the Y Bike Orignial which is a balance bike with a wider double back wheel for stability.  The Y Bike Extreme is balance bike with a more edgy look and can be used on tougher terrains for more experienced riders.  They do a great range that even includes a funky go kart and are brand new to this country so definitely worth keeping an eye on.   GeeGee treated Spike to a Playwrap because he was very taken with it when they showed him for the demo.  It is a very versatile activity toy that holds a variety of removable toys that are safety held on with poppers.  With it’s three different methods of attachment it can be secured to a pushchair, car seat, high chair, window, the baby’s lap or over a carers shoulders.  It’s perfect to stop babies from doing the dreaded hair pulling which seems to be a favourite activity for them.  It folds up small and comes with it’s own carry bag so extremely portable.  It saves filling the changing bag with tons of different toys that can all be thrown out of the pram or dropped from the car seat so definitely makes a mum’s life a little easier! The Melobaby was my favourite stand at the Baby Show this year.  Melissa is the founder of the all-in-one nappy wallet and changing mat and was on the stand were her husband and two daughters.  They were all so lovely and gave a fab demo of the product.  The Melobaby is a unique two fold, portable nappy wallet with a built in changing mat which is lined with soft fleece.  There were so many pockets and nifty features, like being able to extend the size of the changing mat as the babies get longer that it was very easy to pick this as a top product.  It is made using the same materials that Prada use for their bags (minus the price tag) and looks very stylish and not at all like a typical baby product.  It can be transported anywhere and used for those times that you really don’t need to cart around a huge changing bag. Products that will always impress me are ones that transform into something else.  Little Star Rockers have a 3 way high chair that was developed from an old Amish design.  Without any need to getting out a screw driver the high chair turns into a rocking horse or a desk!   You simply lay it onto it’s back or it’s front and it becomes a totally different product.  I loved that there was no construction between the stages so it’s a product that can be used in all three ways with absolutely no effort!     Another transforming product is the Babybay.  It starts out as a bedside cot that attaches safety to the parents bed and with the addition of a cot side it becomes a crib.  During the demo this had already impressed me and then I was shown that when the baby outgrows the crib with the help of accessories the Babybay becomes a high chair, a desk, a bench or a playpen!      

Next up are Mummy Mitts.  They fix to ANY pram and keep your hands warm and snug.  The inside is super soft and will certainly save the shivers.  My husbands biggest complaint in the Winter is that his hands get cold when he pushes the pram so this is a fab product.  They are great because you can slip you hands out and they stay attached to the pram meaning if you are shopping or need to attend the the baby you can do so without having to find a way to hold your gloves at the same time.

  Also by Mummy Mitts is the new sHoulder Kit.  Aimed at 3-9 year olds (two different sizes) it holds everything a little person would need for a day old.  It has various pockets for their belongings, a drinks holder, a toy strap, a place to put contact details and even a fold up mac.  The mac can also be stored on the back to dry before being put away.      

Easidream have just launched Ewan the Dream Sheep.  He emits low base frequency sounds which coupled with his soft pink glow help babies and toddlers settle to sleep.  He has a super handy strap so can be attached to cots, car seats and pushchairs meaning he will always be there for sleep but won’t get lost.  It can also be used to hold a dummy so there is always one on hand rather than them all ending up underneath the cot!


Being “pram whore” that I am I couldn’t leave you without there being one buggy related item on this list so last but not least there is Buggy Pitstop a professional valeting company that repair, revive and clean your pushchairs.  The will give your pushchair a deep clean and have it looking like new, perfect for if you buy or sell second hand or it just needs a bit of a face lift.  If you don’t live near a “pitstop” they can arrange to collect and redeliver your pram to you.

We had a great day and met a lot of lovely people that we have already worked with.  We met up with Fudgy Bear, Trunki, MAM, Cheeky Rascals and Bundlebean all of whom were great to chat to.  It was extremely nice to put a face to a name.  There were so many products that we saw and we will be featuring a few that I haven’t mentioned here on the blog in the next few weeks so keep watching!

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