When Spud Met Elmo

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Forty two years ago Sesame Street hit our screens introducing a wide range of colourful, lovable characters.  It was the first program to ever consider educational techniques and used the curriculum to shape it’s content.  Three generations later and Sesame Street is still going strong.  It airs in over 140 countries and has won a whole bunch of awards.  My Mum remembers watching Sesame Street on German television when she was a child, I remember watching it growing up and now I get to relive it all over again with Spud.

Spud’s counting has been pretty poor compared to his peers, no matter how much encouragement he was given the stubborn monkey just wouldn’t count!  At 2.5 years old he is only just starting to “get it” and we spend most of our day counting everything we see and it is massively down to him watching Sesame Street.  He adores Elmo singing the alphabet song and doing maths, he always gets excited to see him on Elmo’s World.  Our friend Alice recommended that we purchased the movie Elmo in Grouchland after he son Elliott became obsessed by it.  It’s safe to say Elmo has a way with toddlers and Spud would giggle like a little girl every time Elmo came on the screen.

Imagine our excitement when an email popped through inviting Spud and I to go to London and have lunch with THE Elmo!  Not a lookalike or an impressionist but THE ACTUAL ELMO.  Of course I jumped straight at the chance and started counting down the days.  The week before our lunch Elmo had a play date on Milkshake and appeared on a lot of TV shows.  This just added to Spud’s excitement, suddenly his favourite little character was everywhere.  The morning of our lunch date arrived and Spud and I hop footed it to London.  He loves the train and all the way there was telling people that he was on the train to go and see Elmo.

We arrived at Centre Point and met up with Danielle and Marky Moo from Blog by Baby.  We were taken up to the 32nd floor where huge windows revealed a stunning view of London.

We were offered a gorgeous lunch that even had a selection of kiddy friendly sandwiches. (the first event I have been to that have cut the crusts off!)  Spud was given a brand new unreleased Let’s Rock Elmo to play with which he thought was great.  It uses sensors to identify which musical instrument you have offered him and preforms many songs including Spud’s beloved alphabet song!  At this point I was pretty sure that Spud had decided that the Let’s Rock Elmo was the Elmo I had been getting him excited about.  After a good play with the toy they were taken away and Spud fell in love with the view.  Then it was time for Elmo to join us.

As soon as Elmo arrived Spud was in awe.  He sat on my lap captivated by his little red friend chatting to him.  After a few minutes Spud decided that rather than sit and watch he wanted to play with Elmo.  Cue a huge tantrum which shocked everyone even Elmo!  Elmo asked Spud what was wrong only to be told that he wanted to look out the window.  Off Spud and Elmo went to take in the sights of London from a restaurant at the top of Centre Point!

The next hour has to be the most surreal experience of my life.  I’ve had a few, including being used as bait for war dog training, but sitting opposite somebody that I used to watch as a child was amazing.  I was so starstruck!  Elmo chatted to all 4 of the toddlers that were there and then it was time for the mummies to have a go!

We all got to ask Elmo questions so here are some of the ones that I went prepared with:

Have you had a good time in London Elmo?

Elmo has had a great time in London, Elmo has seen Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye.

How old are you Elmo?

Elmo is three and a half

Can you count Elmo?

Elmo can count all the way up to twenty.

How much do you like to be tickled?

Elmo loves being tickled.  Elmo loves being tickled so much that his belly starts to hurt.  That is the best thing about being tickled.

We would like to thank Hasbro massively for the opportunity it really was a once in a lifetime experience and I hope it will be one of Spud’s first memories that he can recall when he is older.  I will leave you with a video of Spud and Elmo taking in the sights!

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