Thinking Slimmer 5 Weeks On

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A while ago I wrote the post “Realisation.”  I was in a bad place and felt like it was only going to get worse unless somebody gave me a short sharp kick up the backside.  Along came Thinking Slimmer and their amazing Slimpods.  I started of by curing mychocolate addiction and then moved on to the “Lose a Jeans Size” slimpod.

I lost 11lb on the Chocoholics Slimpod and so far only around 4lb 2 weeks into the Lose a Jeans Size Slimpod but my eating habits have changed dramatically.  I no longer spend my days grazing on crisps, biscuits and all other yummy goodies in the cupboards but reach for an apple or a glass of water if I am peckish.

Since starting Thinking Slimmer I have gone from tugging too tight size 14 jeans up my legs to fitting into a size 12.  I am still wearing a 14 because a 12 still produces a slight muffin top but the fact that I can do the button and the zip up on a size 12 makes me smile from ear to ear!

Now for the visual evidence:

Before                                                     After

I still have a bit to go until I am at my pre pregnancy weight and until I am truly happy but I am extrmely pleased with my Thinking Slimmer results!

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