The M&P Urbo Week’s 2 & 3

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We are still testing the Mamas and Papas Urbo for MumPanel and it came with us on our holiday to Nana and Pop’s house!

We managed to fit the Urbo, my Baby Jogger City Mini and the Cosatto You2 in the boot as well as our wedding attire and enough stuff to last us 2 weeks.  I was mightily impressed!

I was keen to see what everyone else’s first impressions would be so was very quick to show it off!

My Mum liked the stylish look of the Urbo, bar the white plastic seat back, and that the handle went quite high.  She likes to wear heels and wedges so often struggles with pushchair handle heights.  She absolutely loved how easy it was to push and manoeuvre.  She did find the break hard to release because she always wears open toed shoes so we had a few dodgy moments when trying to get off the bus quickly!  She only ever has small cars so we have always struggled with the boot space but the Urbo fits perfectly in her Vauxhall Corsa boot with plenty of space for shopping.

My Dad wasn’t so keen but he usually only uses a pushchair down the fields whilst walking the dogs and as I have previously mentioned it is very much an Urban pushchair – hence the name 😉  He also wasn’t very impressed that he managed to do this to the hood when he put it in his car boot.

My Mum’s friend had Spike a few times whilst I popped off to events with Spud and being nearly 6 foot she loved the handle height.  It fitted nicely in her convertible BMW boot even with the roof down which is almost unheard of with pushchairs that aren’t umbrella fold.  The picture shows it in the boot with the roof up as it had started to rain!

We took used the Urbo a lot in town over the past 2 weeks and it is brilliant for town living.  On the bus it slots nicely into the correct area and makes if you lower the handle height to the lowest setting it makes it small and compact.  We even took it in a mini cab.  With other pushchairs we have struggled to fit 3 adults and a pushchair in the back and someone has always ended up with squashed feet.  With the Urbo it fitted nicely in the space of one seat and left everybody with plenty of leg room.

It is absolutely fantastic for around town and on public transport so very aptly named, just don’t try and take it off road!

You can read about our first impressions here and week 1 here.  We will be writing up our full review within the next few days so watch this space!

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