The M&P Urbo – The End of our Test

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For the past month we have been testing the Mamas and Papas Urbo for MumPanel.  We have shared our first impressions, it’s first week and it’s holiday at Nana’s house.

It has been truly fantastic testing a pushchair that I love, I am after all very fussy.  In the Urbo Spike is extremely comfortable, it’s easy to push and it looks good – it really does tick most boxes.  I still hate the back of the seat unit.  Seriously, what designer thought that looked good?  The Mamas and Papas Sola has the same plastic back but in black so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on an otherwise stylish pushchair.

For an Urban pushchair it does lack basket space.  The basket needs to be a lot deeper considering it’s a pram built for shopping.  The rain cover is fantastic.  It fits over the seat unit like a little pod and the feet section isn’t see through plastic.  It’s tough shoe proof material which prevents any tearing from shoes and the inevitable kicks that the rain cover will get as the child gets older.  The even cooler thing is, it folds in on itself keeping it neat and tidy in the tiny basket.  The width of the Urbo means that it even fits down those ridiculously narrow shop aisles and in between clothes rails where normal pushchairs get stuck.

Everybody that got their hands on our Urbo loved it but all had the same reservation about the back of the seat.  After only a few uses it started to creak and squeak so I am desperately trying to find the source because it sounds like I am pushing a 5 year old pushchair that has seen to 4 children rather than a 4 week old pushchair only used by an 8 month old.  For now the Urbo is staying at Nana’s house is that is the only time we really do Urban living (it wouldn’t cope on our dodgy paths and hills at home) It fits perfectly in her boot which has always struggled to transport my pushchairs and is brilliant on public transport.  I will be writing a full review so that everything from our month long test is all in one place so keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you very much MumPanel and Mamas and Papas for supplying me with the Urbo it’s been an absolute pleasure!

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