The Gallery – Shoes

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This weeks Gallery theme is shoes.  Being at my parents house I couldn’t take photos of my epic collection that my husband hates so had to think a little bit harder.  I was at a friends house the other day and she showed me her shoe closet.  I swear there were about 150 shoe boxes in there!  I was so overwhelmed that I totally missed the opportunity to take a photograph to share with you all!

Luckily being at my parents house has a plus side.  My Mum kept my first ever shoe.

I was a tiddly size 3 which you can’t really tell until you see it compared to my current size 7 sneaker.

Being the sentimental type she also has her own first shoe and my brothers first shoe that she actually had dipped in silver and engraved!

So here you have three shoes.  One little red shoe that is 47 years old, a silver shoe that is 25 years old and my little patent shoe that is 23 years old.  Three little bits of history.

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