September Summer

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Where on earth has this weather come from?!  Just as we had all dug out our big chunky knit cardigans and accepted the fact that it was tights and boots for the next few months, the sun makes a scorching appearance!  Luckily I hadn’t gotten around to packing away the Summer clothes so both boys went back into shorts and ti shirts.  After their nap both woke up a little sweaty.  Spike was so sweaty that his hair looked like he had just gotten out of the bath!  Not long after the woke up we got everything ready and went to the park.

We have never been to the park at “peak” times before so it was a bit of a shock for Spud when he saw all of his equipment covered in children that had all just finished school.  Pre-teens loitered on the roundabout so unfortunately he was unable to get so dizzy that he falls over – his favourite park activity.  Never the less he did the usual circuit of the park hopping from one thing to the next.  We saw a fire engine casually drive past which excited Spud beyond recognition!  He has a big thing for Fireman Sam at the moment so ran at full pelt after the fire engine shouting “COME BACK SAMMMMM!!!”  When he finally decided that his tiny legs were no match for Jupiter he went up and down the fireman pole shouting “Fireman Sam!”

Even Spike who usually stays in his pram got in on the action today.  The hubby forgot that Spike is relatively new to the swings so was a little too vigorous with the pushing which resulted in Spike holding on for dear life but he soon found his flow and realised that swinging is actually a pretty cool past time.

Hopefully the weather stays nice for a few more days as I think we deserve a little bit more of a Summer than the pathetic excuse for one that we encountered in July and August!

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