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Potty training at home has been going amazingly well.  We have had  a few hiccups but almost straight away Spud understood what he was meant to do.  I am constantly worried about little embarrasing accidents but since getting the Koo-di Wetec I have braved the outdoors much more with Spud wearing little cotton underpants instead of a nappy.  Then we encountered our next issue.  What if Spud needs a wee when we are no where near a toilet?!

The lovely people at Cheeky Rascals solved our dilemma by sending us the My Carry Potty and Potty Training book.  Available in yellow, pink or blue the My Carry Potty is bright and eye catching to toddlers, being lightweight and leak proof toddlers can carry it around themselves.  It is also compact enough to fit under the pushchair.  It is totally leak and odour proof with a secure catch so if you are out and about, no where near a toilet, then you can transport the contents around until you find somewhere to dispose of them.

The Potty Training book is a story about twins, George and Hollie, purchasing and learning how to use a potty.  It is beautifully illustrated and makes the potty training  a fun, easy to understand concept.  It comes with a reward chart and a sheet of stickers to aide the positive reinforcement in potty training a toddler.  Spud loved the story and it has become a firm favourite when he wants a to be read to.  The pictures on the stickers portray toddlers favourites – dinosaurs, trains, dolls, stars etc so they appealed to him and have aided us greatly with our current poo hysteria!

Spud loved the My Carry Potty as soon as it arrived.  He carried it around like it was his own little suitcase and eventually came up to me telling me that he needed to go for a wee wee.  The catch was quite fiddly but once I had done it once or twice I got the knack and was able to flick the potty open and put it down for Spud.  It is already assembled so there is no fiddling around with anything whilst a toddler hops from one foot to the other desperately needing a wee.

The great thing about the My Carry Potty is that it is small enough to be portable but large enough for a toddler to be comfortable.  It could be used as their main potty saving the need of having lots scattered around the house.

Overall a fab product.  It’s durable, portable, leak proof and easy to use which are top qualities for an essential product in such a hard and confusing stage of child rearing.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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