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We have been potty training Spud all summer but I have been too scared to go out without Pull Ups on.  I didn’t want to run out of spare trousers or have to sit him in a wet pushchair or car seat after an accident.  If he had an accident in the car or pushchair I would then have to wash and dry the seat covers quickly or be without transport the following day.  The lovely Helen from Munchkins and  Poppets asked if we would like to review the Ko0-di Wetec seat protector.

It is made from a soft towelling material with a waterproof PVEA backing.  It measures 28cm by 31cm so fits perfectly in car seats, pushchairs and highchairs.  It has a comfortable padded lining so doesn’t annoy the child or cause discomfort whilst in use.  It can be washed at 40 degrees so can be put in with your standard washing rather than needing to use the machine on its own.

We popped it into the car by simply hooking it over the crotch strap and found it fitted perfectly.  When I placed Spud in the seat it stayed in place and I didn’t have any trouble with it bunching up.

I have a group 0-1 car seat (birth to 4 years) and a group 1-2-3 car seat (9 months to 12 years) so took photos of it in both to show just how universal it is.  Even with the extra seat liner on Spud’s car seat it fitted nicely.

The Koo-di Wetec is an absolutely fab product.  It easily transfers from the car seat to the pushchair and I even used it on the sofa when Spud was engrossed in Postman Pat last week.  It makes potty training accidents “just one of those things” rather than a disaster which is great for both mum and toddler.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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