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Every parent will be horrified by news stories informing us of incidents inluding a 15 month old baby being hit by a train in Australia when his pushchair rolled off the platform.  Unbelievably this little boy survived and only suffered bruises despite being dragged approximately 10 metres by the train.  The Grandmother of the little boy had turned her back for one second on what she thought was a flat surface.  A similar much more tragic story involved a father letting go of his double pushchair and it rolling into the sea.  Sadly his 2 year old daughter drowned.

In Australia it is compulsory for pushchairs to have a safety strap attached which simply slips over the “pushers” wrist and prevents the pushchair from getting away if they happen to let go of the handle.  Every Bugaboo pushchair includes a wrist strap and my Easywalker Duowalker Sky has a strong wrist strap attached to the handle bar.  The one time I didn’t use it this happened.

This is my pushchair complete with 3 month old Spike, in a ditch having only stopped because it hit a tree trunk.  I had stopped briefly to take a photograph, applied the brake and turned around.  Spud came along and unhooked the brake, something I didn’t know he could do.

With all of the incidents in the media (there are more than I mentioned) they could have been prevented using a simple wrist strap.  My incident was my own fault because I had a wrist strap and failed to use it but a lot of pushchairs simply don’t include them in the design so people have no choice but to not use one.  Introducing the BuggyTug!

We were asked to review the BuggyTug when I discovered that not one of my single pushchairs came with a wrist strap as standard.  It is the UK’s first pram strap  and made from Neoprene so extremely comfortable to wear.  Unlike the one on my Easywalker it is short so doesn’t dangle down too far when not in use and get tangled when the pushchair is folded.  It is extremely easy to attach to any pushchair and gives you the peace of mind that the pushchair won’t roll away.  It is extremely handy for walking down steep hills because even though you would never intend to let go, accidents do happen!

I popped it on the Urbo in a matter of seconds and slipped it easily over my hand.  It settled nicely on my wrist and after a while i completely forgot that it was there.

Overall it’s an absolutely fantastic safety product and I urge people to buy them purely for the peace of mind they bring.  I am extremely excited for the impending release of TugTrio, a multipack of Tugs including the BuggyTug, TeddyTug and TotTug.  The wrist strap, toy strap and toddler handle will be welome additions to our must have list of pushchair accessories!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.

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