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Spud, my independent little boy, gives cuddles on his terms.  If he doesn’t want a cuddle and a kiss then tears and tantrums will ensue soon after.  He has always been a child that wants to be doing his own thing and even as a baby would push himself away from me to get on with what he wanted to do.  It did make my life quite easy, I didn’t had a baby that wouldn’t leave my side and I could get on with anything without worrying about him being clingy or demanding attention.  Sometimes it made me sad, I wanted a cuddles!  Occasionally he would sit down for a nice cuddle and I would treasure those moments.  My Mum also wanted a cuddly Grandson and would irritate him something rotten forcing him to cuddle her.  As he got older cuddles became more frequent but still only when he wanted them.  Ever since he was small if he hurts himself or is in a bad mood because he is tired, then Mummy has always been his first choice.  Daddy rarely gets a look in when he is upset and even his beloved Pops plays second fiddle.  To some extent he is a Mummy’s boy.

Enter Spike.  From day one he has been an attention seeking, cuddly baby.  If he wasn’t being held then he was asleep.  Every waking hour this child wanted a cuddle.  To give him his dues he was very uncomfortable for the first 6 weeks of his life with undiagnosed reflux so probably felt very sorry for himself.  As he got older he went through a stage where if he was in his chair and you didn’t have eye contact with him, he let the world know about it.  He soon cottoned on to being left alone and it was times like this that I was grateful he has a big brother.  The amount of times I asked Spud to go and see Spike whilst I peed was unreal.  Don’t get me wrong I loved having a cuddly baby but it was one extreme to the other!  This was a baby that I couldn’t put down to brush my hair or make his bottle with two hands.  My Mum was thrilled.  Even now she sits with Spike on her lap loving that he just sits there quite happily cuddling her.  Over the past few weeks we have started to notice that Mummy is very much top dog.  He has just hit 9 months so I know that this is usually when separation anxiety kicks in but secretly I’m hoping it doesn’t pass!  Now that he is mobile he does play on his own a lot but does check quite often that people I am within reach.  The good thing is that even though he demands my attention a lot, he is perfectly happy to spend the day away from me – he just makes up for it when we are reunited!

Today the Hubby and I were having a cuddle on the hallway carpet (like you do) and Spike crawled around the corner.  He was not happy.  He crawled over to us and climbed onto my head, wriggling himself between us and shouting for attention.  When I didn’t immediately let go of the Hubby and pick Spike up, he started to cry.  Cue an hour of Spike being on my hip.  He would not let me go!  He didn’t even want me to sit down and play with him.  He wanted to be attached to me and wouldn’t even go to the Hubby for a second so I could pee.  Even at tea time which usually puts an end to any clingy-ness he was not happy about sitting in his chair.

Shortly after dinner he appeared to forgive the Hubby and let him do the bath time routine knowing that I was lingering as I sorted out the Pj’s.  I think it’s safe to say that there is no doubt whatsoever that Spike is very much a Mummy’s boy.

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