Another week at Nana’s!

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We have some more exciting events to go to in London so after the Wedding at the weekend the boys and I stayed at my parents house.  The Hubby had to go back to work so left us on Monday afternoon which was a huge downer after such a good weekend.  This time Spud seems to have accepted that Spike belongs to Nana and Pops as well and that he has to share them because he has been super lovely to him.  He has been giving a lot of kisses and cuddles as well as sharing toys.  Then yesterday we went out for dinner and he kept giving Spike some of HIS dinner to nom on.  It’s been a nice relaxing week so far with just a few trips to town for various things.  I went to check out the carrycot for the Mamas and Papas Urbo because I was curious and was delighted to discover it is huge!  Even Spike as a chunky 8 month old would fit in it!

Yesterday in town I picked up my very first Christmas present.  Boots has some clearance items so I couldn’t say no to bargain Roary the Race Car puzzles for only £2!  It was very exciting and depressing at the same time.  I love Christmas and last year it was all forgotten about when Spike arrived so this year I want to drag it out but on the flip side it’s depressing because it means that my tiny baby boy is nearly 1 year old!  It has zoomed by, I can’t believe it is already September, it feels like it should still be March!  Afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant for Tapas to cheer me up and it was so yummy.  I absolutely love their Tapas and ate until I was ready to pop!

My parents and their friends eat at this restaurant on a weekly basis so they know all the staff and Spike fell head over heels for one of the managers.  He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her!

The excitement starts next week with two trips to London for Spud.  He will be thrilled to go on the train again, he has been asking all week to get the bus to the train and hasn’t been pleased about being told to wait!

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