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Well we are back from a fun filled two weeks at my parents house.  We had such a brilliant time that it totally flew by.   Every day the boys did fun things like go to the park with Pops and had a lot of time to play and cuddle their Nana and Pops which they both love but here is a roundup of the rest of our holiday!

On our first day we left the Hubby at Plymouth station and I set off carrying Spike in the Mei Tai, pushing Spud in the pushchair and pulling a suitcase.  I attempted to get on a very busy London bound train.  A very kind man took our bag and I put Spud on the train and followed with the pushchair.  This is where it started to go wrong.  An old man got on behind me and whilst i was trying to put the pushchair into the luggage area he pushed me and I fell backwards (bear in mind I have Spike strapped to my chest)  Poor little Spud had wandered off down the train surrounded by people.  I’m lying there against bags shouting his name and not one person stopped him.  I eventually get him back and then we discover that during all the hoohah every seat bar two were taken and they weren’t together.  I sat him down across the aisle from me and spent the next 2 hours trying to explain why he couldn’t sit with Mummy and Spike whilst a man in front kept declaring very loudly that we were sat in the quiet carriage. Eventually the woman next to me got the hint and swapped seats with him so we could sit together.  It was another hour and a half before we arrived at Reading and I had to attempt to get them and all of our stuff off the train!  My dad met me at the station and when I saw him I just breathed a huge sigh of relief and our holiday well and truly started!

We got straight into the swing of things and on Monday, Spud and I headed to London for the The Huggies Shoot whilst Spike stayed at home with his Nana and GeeGee (great grandma.)  It was really nice for both boys because I don’t get time with Spud one on one very often and Spike hadn’t seen them since he was 3 months old.  On Tuesday we all headed into the town centre for some serious shopping where both boys were spoilt rotten with new clothes and a few little toys.  On Wednesday I took them to visit one of my old friends who was thrilled to see them as she hadn’t seen Spike since he was a newborn.  She, like a lot of people, was captivated by his bright blue eyes and huge cheeky grin.  On Thursday I left my babies with their Nana and headed off to London on my own for the Hitachi Touro Pro E.T event.  Friday was the end of a very full on week with a trip to Legoland.

We had a pretty chilled out weekend and as Pops was home Spud spent most of his time with him as they are best buds.  On the Saturday we had a BBQ and got the paddling pool out as it was a total scorcher.  On the Sunday it was another lazy day but whilst the boys napped my Dad took me to the cinema to see Captain America in 3D.  It just goes to show that even though when i’m there I don’t feel like it’s me that they want to see, I am still a Daddy’s girl.  My Dad had never experienced 3D cinema before and he loudly asked if the Tv’s that you can buy were the same as what he was experiencing and jumped out of his seat a lot with excited giggles!  It was honestly like being in the cinema with a 5 year old!

Week 2 started with my Dad going back to work.  This meant that Spud became a total monster.  He would not listen, he was rude, he hit, he threw tantrums and he ended up on the naughty spot about 20 times before lunch.  We had to pop into town to go to the Apple store because I have cracked my iPhone screen and my Dad had taken the pushchair with him to work.  Spud being in his “fab” mood made town an absolute nightmare.  I wanted nothing more than to just strap him into a pushchair to show him who was boss!  Boy did we appreciate nap time!  On Tuesday Spud was pretty much the same and we had to pop to Tesco for some supplies.  It was here that I got the news about becoming a Pushchair Trader guest tester and did a lot of happy dancing, jumping and “eeeping” whilst Spud sat in the trolley shouting “wahhooooo!”  On Wednesday we headed up to Hyde Park for our Danielle Owen photo shoot.  On Thursday morning a comment from Wendy at Inside the Wendy House made us realise that perhaps Spud had been playing up because he had been too busy and had been expected to do a lot in a short period of time.  We had a really chilled out day where both boys stayed in their pj’s until after lunch and Spud had a lot of quiet time reading books and watching the TV.  Wendy couldn’t have been more right.  My angel returned!  He was as good as gold for the rest of the day so when I saw an Ozbozz My First Scooter in the Asda sale I picked it up for him.  Despite the sheer amount of new things they both had been given in two weeks my Mum still took them Toys R Us on the Friday after Spud had spent the morning declaring that he was waiting for a dinosaur and that he wanted to catch fish.

Our second weekend wasn’t quite as laid back as the first.  Spud and I went back to London to the Lollibop festival.  We left Spike at home with my Mum and Dad.  This was great for him because Spud always monopolises Pops’ spare time and Spike hadn’t had a chance to get to bond with him.  They spent the whole day together and now have an awesome relationship like Spud and Pops did at the same age.  On Sunday I went out to a friends house which I was really looking forward to but actually had a pretty rubbish time.  They were “pre-children” friends and none of them have had children or even appeared to like children!  I felt very old and very out of the loop.  Spud and Spike went with Nana and Pops to their friends house for dinner where Spud spent most of his time on their huge trampoline!

On our third Monday there my parents had a house viewing which meant housework central.  I don’t think I have ever made a house shine like theirs did that day!  Not one piece of baby equipment remained as we were trying to make it appear large and clutter free!  Boy did I sleep well that night!  All in preparation for our train journey home.  It wasn’t as bad as the journey there because I decided to find the disabled carriage and leave the pushchair set up with Spike in and have Spud on a seat with me.  Unfortunately it ended with Spud sat on a seat and me sat on the floor next to Spike!  Despite spare single seats further away from the disabled area (I couldn’t sit further away because of Spike) the man sat next to Spud did not want to budge.  It was relatively pain free, both boys ate a lot of lunch and Spike slept for over half of the journey.  The Hubby met us on the platform so I didn’t have any troubles there.

The Hubby was very shocked.  In just over two weeks  I’ve lost 11lb with Thinking Slimmer, Spud’s speech has come on in leaps and bounds and rarely says things that people can’t understand and  Spike has gone from a baby that was only just rolling to get to things to a baby that can sit properly and can crawl at speed!  His hair has also gone from a dark shade of mousey brown to a very light blond!  I think the Hubby probably thinks I swapped Spike on one of our adventures whilst we were away!

I will be very glad when the School’s go back and we can get some normality back but we did have an absolutely fantastic time!

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