The M&P Urbo Week 1

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As you know we are reviewing the Mamas and Papas Urbo for MumPanel.  We have had it for just over a week now and have certainly been putting it through it’s paces.

Our first impressions still stand, I love the look of the seat fabric and chassis and that it is super lightweight and smooth to push.  I don’t like the back of the seat it stands out from the stylish look of the seat fabric and chassis and the brake is still really hard to take off.  We have used it every day and already it has started to creak so we have cracked open the furniture polish to oil it up a little bit.  We tried both boys in it and found that although Spud looks too tall, with the hood pulled over he has about 4 inches of room above his head. It’s usually rare for Spud to fit in a pushchair that isn’t stroller style.  He had plenty of width and his legs hung comfortably although didn’t quite meet the footrest.

My one major concern this week is that the part of the chassis above the front wheel took a huge chunk out of my door, I would hate it to bash mine or someone else’s ankle as we would probably lose all of our skin!

We have found that it is very much an Urban pram.  In shopping centres and on smooth pavements it pushes effortlessly but it definitely lets you down the minute you attempt any form of rougher terrain.  It was extremely difficult to push through the grass and I doubt the babies are experiencing a comfortable ride when “off road.”

The basket is looks extremely small, it is very shallow but I have managed to fit a lot in there.  We went to holiday club and it had my coat, the rain cover, Spud’s bag, his lunchbox and his potty in.  I was happy that none of it would try and escape from the basket.  I also took it to the shop and fit one very full bag in along with the rain cover with plenty of space for more. (Note the very plastic look of the seat back)

It takes a lot for a pushchair to impress me as much as the Urbo has so far and I can’t wait to take it out on some more adventures!

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