The Huggies Potty Training Challenge Day 4

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Day 4 started pretty much the same as the past two days (consistency is key) with Spud being plonked on the potty as soon as he got out of bed. His Huggies PULL-UPS® were absolutely drenched and he was not interested in going for a wee so down we went for breakfast.  All morning we had successes and even experienced his penguin impression again before doing a very large poo in the potty!  I have to beckon for the Hubby to do the celebrations whilst I hide away trying not to gag! (I really need to sort this problem out!)

Then came the big test.  We were invited to a birthday party.  We popped Spud into a pair of Huggies PULL-UPS® and set off.  Whilst we were there we kept asking him and he even said yes three times as well as asking himself twice so we went to try it on the toilet.  He finally went on the 5th trip to the bathroom and we had major celebrations!  It was our first ever wee wee out of our house!

I am glad that he is starting to ask even when we are out because it means that hopefully he really is getting it!

You can see the rest of our potty training journey by clicking this link: The Huggies Potty Training Challenge

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