The Huggies Potty Training Challenge Day 2

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After the success of Day 1 we started Day 2 from the minute he got out of bed. I took his Huggies PULL-UPS® off and sat him straight onto his Pourty. There was nothing from him and he gets a bit tetchy if you try and make him preform on demand so I explained to him that if he needed a wee wee or a poo poo then he was to tell me or his daddy. I got “Ohh Kayyyy” and a look as if to say “uh mother how many more times must we go through that lecture!” We headed downstairs and got some breakfast. Times like these are when I worry. When I am distracted putting cereal and milk into a bowl or trying to feed Spike his bottle. I needn’t because Spud has been a delight! We ask him regularly but most of the time leave it until he is hopping, has his legs tightly closed or is having a little fiddle. One time today he got a little drop on his leg and shouted “mummy WETTTT!” and ran to the potty beckoning me to come with him.

We decided to go out so popped him into on of his Huggies PULL-UPS® and headed in to town with both of us drumming into him that if he needed a wee then he needed to tell us. Unfortunately as it is still early days and there was far too much going on we did have a few accidents.

After his nap I was feeding Spike his dinner and the Hubby was making dinner. Spud took himself to the potty and about 5 minutes later came running in exclaiming “look mummy a big poo!” I suppressed a chuckle and made my way to the toilet where hey presto there was in deed a big poo in the potty. Cue major celebrations!

So after another day of successes and no in-house accidents I think it’s safe to say there is now no going back!

You can follow see the rest of our potty training journey by clicking this link: The Huggies Potty Training Challenge

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