The Huggies Potty Training Challenge Day 1

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As you all know we were asked by Huggies_UK to take part in the Huggies Potty Training Challenge.  After a somewhat shaky start we all got ill so nappies went back on.  Then I was at my parents house and had the gear with me and the intention to start again, but Spud point blank refused to sit on any potty in any part of my parents house.  He even refused to sit on the toilet.

We got home on Tuesday and on Wednesday he had Holiday Club so we decided to go at it all guns blazing today.  At the Huggies shoot I spoke to Child Psychologist Emma Kenny who advised me that even though Spud asked for a nappy and refused to go for a wee on the potty he was ready and that it was down to me to be consistent.  Because I had been given this advice I knew that if i was faced with “NO POTTY MUMMY!” again that it wasn’t that he wasn’t ready just that I had to be the one to be strong.  Doing their business in a nappy is easy for a child.  They don’t have to think about it and they don’t have to stop what they are doing.  In preparation I discovered that I had to move the potty into our downstairs toilet because now that Spike is moving he has developed somewhat of an obsession with it.

Last night I said to him that from today all wee wees and poo poos had to go in the potty.  His immediate answer was no despite the excitement he had shown when we very first received our Huggies Potty Training Pack.  This morning straight after breakfast the nappy came off.  We had a hard hour of him crying, pointing at the nappies, whinging and generally not being very happy about it.  Eventually I managed to get him to do a huge wee on the potty and the Hubby and I went bananas!  Spud was slightly shocked by the reaction from us but soon joined in and even decided to do another huge wee!  I honestly didn’t know his little bladder could hold that much.

It all went swingingly after that with even an accidental poo on the potty.  Now I can deal with nappies.  I can even deal with poorly bottom nappies but I am really struggling with his poo in the potty.  Every time it makes me gag and I’m stood there trying to be positive and excited about it but also pushing away the urge to throw up.  It really doesn’t make sense to me!  Every time Spud needed a wee he came and got me and did it on the Potty.  There was a total of ZERO wee accidents on the floor today!  However we did have one accident.  He did an almighty poo right in the middle of the playroom.  I don’t even think he meant to do it and he came and told me rather than examining/squishing/picking it.  At bath time we put him in as usual and within minutes he was crying his eyes out.  I managed to understand “down please” from him and saw he was holding his bits.  I asked him if he wanted the potty and he literally jumped out of the bath and onto the potty to do a wee.

I am so so proud of him, it couldn’t have gone any better (except for the poo incident!) I just hope that it is the sign of things to come and not just a fluke!!

You can follow see the rest of our potty training journey by clicking this link: The Huggies Potty Training Challenge

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