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I am not a huge fan of water.  I have a panic disorder and often feel like I am trapped when neck deep in a pool or the sea.  I also hate the sea because of the fear of the unknown.  Despite my fears I have been blessed with water babies!

Tiny Spud


 Both my children have loved water right from birth.  We have never experienced bath times shrouded by screams, bath time calms them both down immensely.  Spike can be crying his little head off in the living room but if you take him upstairs and lie him on the floor outside the bathroom in preparation for bath time he is instantly quiet and really quite excited.  Spud is the same and runs up the stairs ready for some adventures with his ducks and boats.  If for some reason we have to skip bath time one night I feel guilty – not because they are going to bed stinky but because they are missing out on one of their favourite times of the day!

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