The Gallery – Black and White

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For this weeks theme I tried to think outside the box and ran through everything that was black and white.  Zebra’s, Penguins, Newspapers, Skunks etc etc but then hit a brick wall.  I can’t just walk down the road and find a Zebra to photograph.

I love black and white photos and think they look really smart displayed on walls in black frames. It’s quite handy because I also wanted to display Sonogram pictures and it all ties in nicely.

This is our living room wall

Now almost 3 years ago we moved house and I found the perfect frame for our other wall.  It came from Matalan and has photographs of models in.  We put it up on the wall and got on with sorting out the rest of the house.  Before we knew it Spud was born and I still hadn’t gotten around to putting our own photos in the frame.  People would come to our house and look at the photos commenting things like “Wow you’ve been diving?!” and “What a lovely family you have.” Most of the time I would admit it but other times I’d play along secretly chuckling to myself.

Last August we moved house again and the Hubby put it on the wall.  The task kept getting bumped to the bottom of the list until one day last month I decided enough was enough.  The Hubby caught me browsing all of our photos and declared that actually he quite liked our Matalan family so they have stayed put and still shine out of the frame showing off activities that we can only dream of!

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