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When Tara from Sticky Fingers announced that The Gallery theme would be Birth I decided that I would try to think outside the box.  However the more I thought about it the more it made sense to write about child birth.  After all the birth of my first son completely changed my life.

Before Spud I was sinking deeper and deeper into a state of unhappiness and my marriage was well and truly on the rocks.  In late June 2008 I decided to stop trying for a baby as it wasn’t the best time for anybody.  On July 7th 2008 I found out I was pregnant.  What followed has to be the hardest 9 months of my life.  I desperately tried to get my life back on track and myself into a happy place before welcoming a baby into the mix.  My labour with him sums up those 9 months.  At 2am Friday morning my waters broke.  Spud was born 47 hours later after 40 hours of contractions that did absolutely nothing except hurt.  I was induced and he was eventually helped out with ventouse after getting his head wedged.  When he was born my whole life changed.  Literally the moment he was given to me (after a very scary couple of minutes where he was on the resus table) all the troubles just evaporated.  Things weren’t totally fixed but our perspectives and priorities took a whole new road.

Life still had ups and downs for the next year and me and the Hubby were in a place where we could discuss a brother or sister for Spud.  We decided to aim for at least a 2 year age gap but Spike decided not to wait that long and was conceived 3 months earlier than we had anticipated leaving us with a 21 month age gap instead!  I spent most of that pregnancy worrying that I would have the same labour again.  I also spent a lot of the time in denial.  I am a total control freak and the fact that he was 3 months earlier than I had expected him to be was quite hard for me to deal with.  My labour started exactly the same as Spud’s.  I was devastated, I didn’t want to go through the same thing again and felt let down by my midwife as I had told her of my concerns and was always told “no two labours are the same!”  Luckily I didn’t get any contractions until they induced me the next day and Spike was born naturally 4 hours later.  I felt so proud of myself and had a totally different rush of feelings.  Him being born didn’t bring relief, just utter happiness.

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