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We have been searching since Christmas for a bicycle product that was suitable for Spud.  He has a trike but his legs weren’t long enough to reach the peddles so it sat in the shed forgotten about.  Now that they are long enough we got it out for him to try and  discovered that he just doesn’t have the power to turn the peddles especially as they are angled quite far away from the saddle.  We took him to a leading Bicycle shop to see if a toddler bicycle with stabilisers would make any difference.  Even on the smallest toddler bicycle he just couldn’t get the peddles to turn 360°

We admitted defeat and decided that we would leave him a year and have a look again when he is three.  Then we discovered the Strider Balance Bike.

Suitable from 18 months to 5 years+ they enable a child to master balancing on two wheels in 3 stages.  The child starts by sitting on the bike, mastering balance and steering and using their feet to walk it along.  They then move on to the Gliding stage where they lift their legs up for short periods and “glide” along the ground.  The final stage is Striding.  They have sufficient balance to be able to rest their feet on the non slip foot rests and zoom around both on and off road.  The Strider Balance Bikes aid development and bypass the need for stabilisers which are known to limit a child’s mobility skills.




The Strider Balance Bike is highly adjustable with the seat height ranging from 28cm to 40cm.  An extra seat post can be purchased to extend it even further up to 48cm.  The handle bar is adjustable from 51-56cm so it really can be suitable and comfortable for a long period of time.  It is made from thin gauge steel making it a mere 3kg in weight (light enough for a toddler to lift!)  It has puncture proof EVA polymer all-terrain tyres which are both long lasting and maintenance free.

The Strider Balance Bike. comes in 6 different colours and retails for £79.99 and with every purchase you receive a free shiny chrome bell.  To me this sounded quite expensive at first but when you consider the amount of time that they are suitable for and that they are made from long lasting, maintenance free materials they are worth every penny, especially as the average cost of a child’s bicycle is around £80 and they will only be suitable for approximately 18 months as children grow so quickly and they don’t grow with your child.


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