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We all know The Happy Egg Co. with their quirky advert featuring a Hen taking a ride on the back of the Farmer’s tractor.  They only select Lion quality eggs from platinum or gold standard British farms which are regularly inspected by their Fieldsmen.  They believe that the better quality of life the Hen experiences the better quality the egg will be so Hen’s on each Happy Egg Co. farm have an absolutely fantastic quality of life including sandpits to dig in and adventure playgrounds to play on, not far from the life shown in the advert!

In May this year the Happy Egg Co. introduced two new products made using their fantastic quality free range eggs.  Two Quiches with absolutely divine sounding flavours – mature cheddar & maple-cured bacon and smoked salmon & fresh spinach.  It is not always clear on packaging of other quiches if they are made with free range eggs but with the Happy Egg Co. quiches you are safe in the knowledge that the eggs are top quality from amazing farms.

Now personally I don’t like quiche.  When we were offered them to review I very nearly said No but realised the Hubby, a huge fan of quiche, would probably sulk for days if he ever found out.  I accepted on the premise that this would be a guest review written by him – a first for The Wonderful Adventures of Spud and Spike!  I did also promise that I would at least try some.

With their belief that the happiest Hens lay the tastiest eggs, I wasn’t surprised to find that the salmon is responsibly sourced and that all of the ingredients that go into the quiches are fresh and free from artificial colours and flavours.  The packaging is bright and shows the same  illustrations that feature on the egg boxes and clearly shows key information.  I love the peep hole window showing you a teaser of the quiche as they both looked absolutely delicious (coming from a quiche hater!)  The cooking instructions are simple and very easy to follow.  The quiches can be eaten both hot and cold so we decided to try one of each flavour, one hot and one cold.

As you can see they aren’t lacking on the ingredients, one of my pet hates with food like this.  We sat down and had a taste.  As a quiche hater I was apprehensive but after one tiny bit of the mature cheddar and maple cured bacon quiche my mind was changed.  It was delicious.  There is enough cheese and bacon within the quiche to balance out the flavours and it was very moreish.  The Hubby started on the salmon and spinach quiche and didn’t stop scoffing even to tell me what he thought!  He agreed that the flavours all balanced and the onion on the salmon and spinach quiche gave it an extra twist.  The next day we swapped and tried the mature cheddar and maple cured bacon one cooked and the smoked salmon and spinach quiche cold.  Heated up the mature cheddar and maple cured bacon quiche was even tastier than the day before.  We did find that the pastry was quite rich but this was a valuable asset to stop us both finishing a whole one each in one sitting!

Despite our love for both flavours we did let Spud and Spike in on the action.  Spud doesn’t like egg so we made sure we put a lot of bacon on his mouthful and even he asked for more!  Spike being the gannet that he is gobbled it down and complained when we wouldn’t give him anymore.  Overall a great big thumbs up from all four of us and we can’t wait to see if the Happy Egg Co. bring out anymore delightful flavours!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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