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In our box of Nûby goodies we also received the Nûby Nibbler.  Suitable from 6 months this little gadget is brilliant for introducing solid foods without the risk of choking.  It is also great for teething by filling it with ice or frozen fruits to help sooth sore gums.

Like all Nûby products it is BPA free and the handle is perfect for little hands being ergonomically shaped for an easy hold.  It has non slip rubber for added grip and the net is secured with a “Squeeze & Twist” locking system which is child safe to stop little people from being able to open it and get access to the food inside.

I opened it up and decided to try Spike with some new non pureed food.  The “Squeeze & Twist” locking system was definitely child proof as even I struggled to get into it!  We started with Banana and I really wish I hadn’t.  I filled the net and gave it to Spike but he made an absolutely horrific mess with it.  He found it very easy to hold  and the non slip rubber grip was brilliant because he got covered in banana mush which was very slippery and he didn’t lose his grip once.  He had a great time chomping on the banana and he was teething at the same time so found chomping on it soothing for his gums.  Once he had turned the banana into total mush and couldn’t get anymore out of the net I prized it from his grip and went to try and wash it.  This is why I would never use banana in it again!  It was so difficult to clean that I actually ended up throwing the net in the bin.  I have since been told by a friend that owns one that it washes very nicely in the dishwasher or the washing machine even after banana.

I have since purchased a set of new nets and used one for frozen strawberries which Spike found brilliant for his teeth.  This is a great idea for a product but be aware it is unbelievably messy.  The holes in the net are tiny so babies have to turn the contents into mush to get any of it.  I understand that babies make mess when weaning but Spike makes a lot less mess with bits of cut up banana, I just have to be extra vigilant to stop help him if he chokes.  Overall a great idea and a big thumbs up from Spike but I am only continuing to use it because it’s brilliant as a teether for him.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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