Review – Nûby Insulated Cool Sipper

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 Nûby very kindly sent Spud their Insulated Cool Sipper (18 months+) to test out.  Like all Nûby cups it is BPA free and has Touch Flo™ technology which activates as soon as the cup is put into a mouth.  It makes the cup non spill but also easy to operate and encourages the natural drinking action.  Open cup drinking promotes good oral development and the soft silicon rim on the Insulated Cool Sipper means that they learn the motions needed for open cup drinking making the move a lot easier.

Spud straight away loved the funky footballer design and immediately demanded some juice.  I obliged and he gave it a whirl.  He appeared to have to work harder than usual to get the juice out compared to his other juice cups but it didn’t phase him at all.  I gave it all my usual tests for leakage and even when shaken vigorously it didn’t spill a drop.  Then came the Spud test.  He always, without fail, throws new cups on the kitchen floor.  One cup from a leading brand exploded everywhere and always does every time it’s so much as knocked over but the Nûby Insulated Cool Sipper didn’t bat an eyelid.

Overall a great product that promotes healthy development and is very reasonably priced at £4.49.  It’s reduced on their website at the moment and there is also the chance to win £30 worth of Nûby products so definately worth a visit!

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