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Spud loves juice.  It doesn’t matter what flavour even boring old water he just has to have a cup of the stuff to hand.  He also loves losing his cup.  Be it throwing it into the footwell when I’m driving or just putting it down “somewhere safe” and forgetting within 5 minutes where that place was.  Let me introduce our life saver!  The Happy Holly Daisy My All Grow’d Up Cup.

Designed by a mother of two with problems very similar to my own the My All Grow’d Up Cup is a BPA free, free flow, no spill beaker with it’s own holder.  The holder itself has three strong sucker pads on which stick to many surfaces firmly.  We tried it on the car window, fridge, dining room door and the our back door which is made of UPVC.  The fact that it sticks to the back door I absolutely love.  So many times Spud has taken a drink outside and I have found it covered in dirt where he has dropped it along his path of destruction.  Now he has a special place to put his cup and the fact that when you place the cup back into the holder it makes an elephant sound is fantastic.  This encourages him to actually put it back into it’s holder because the sound has him in fits of giggles every time.

The cup itself is a sippy cup with a fold down spout.  Spud isn’t used to these as we use non spill, valved cups usually so we have had a fair few spillages where he has turned it upside down or given it a good shake.  It would definitely benefit from a valve system and an increase in size.  The cup requires regular filling but I do understand that the holder has to hold the weight of the cup and the liquid so the size is probably paramount to the design.

I totally rate this cup and can’t wait to get one for Spike when he is old enough to reach it from his car seat.  As you can see he enjoyed it as much as Spud!

They retail at £9.99 which isn’t that much more than a similar child’s cup and the holder makes it very worth the price.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.

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