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Amy’s Kitchen is a family run business that produce a range of vegetarian ready meals made from all-natural organic ingredients.  Amy’s Kitchen was founded shortly after Amy was born 23 years ago by her parents, Rachel and Andy Berliner, who suddenly didn’t have the time to produce healthy, organic meals on a day to day basis.  The meals range from Burritos to Pot Pies and include lots of classics such as macaroni cheese and lasagne.

We received three vouchers to spend at our local stockists but were disappointed to discover that the stores closest to us didn’t offer a wide range of Amy’s Kitchen products.  I had looked on the website at what we could choose from but found that we could only get the Gluten Free Bean & Cheese Burrito and the Rice Mac & Cheese.  The range is new to the United Kingdom so more choice will be avaliable in due course.

Both these meals were gluten free so Amy’s Kitchen not only suits vegetarians but also other dietary requirements as well.  We were a little shocked by the nutritional information because of how big the company seemed on healthy eating.  The Rice Mac & Cheese stated that it was 20% of the typical adult guideline daily amount (GDA) and seeing as it was a small portion it wouldn’t have been classed as a filling main meal for me.  It was however delicious.  It didn’t taste like a ready meal and the flavour was really strong in comparison to other macaroni and cheese ready meals that I have eaten.

I absolutely can not stand beans so even though I cooked both Gluten Free Bean & Cheese Burrito’s I couldn’t eat more than one mouthful so it was down to the Hubby to be the taste tester!  The first thing that he commented on was the size.  They are quite small and even though he does have a large appetite and needs to cut his portion sizes down they were merely snack sized.  Upon cutting one open we discovered a lot of beans and the Hubby mentioned that they tasted a lot more of bean than they did of cheese.

Overall they are a great alternative to other ready meals but I still would class them as a ready meal.  They are good for speedy meals when you really don’t have time to cook but I wouldn’t use them on a regular basis especially as the choice in stores is very limited at the moment.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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