Project Playroom – The Twist

Written by Lauren on. Posted in General

After all the effort that went into Project Playroom I thought I would share the twist with you.  We moved the Spike into Spud’s room about 6 weeks ago and are supposed to be embarking on Project Boy’s Room but instead had a crazy brain wave on Sunday morning!

I didn’t want the little bedroom to stand empty waiting for baby 3 which may never even enter the world and I also didn’t want it to become a junk room so we decided to move the computers up there and make it into a study.  This cleared out a lot of the dining room so rather than have just a table that gets used twice a day, in a room on it’s own, we turned it into a new playroom for Spud!

It now means he has a lot more space and I can leave his train set out!  He rarely got to play with it because it was such a pain to put together and take apart again and now that Spike is moving he would crawl over and break it up!  I still have a few finishing touches (those blasted footprints!) to put up and we are going to get some more storage but here is our new playroom!

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