“Pizza Pizza Pizza Mummy!”

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I think Spud was Italian in a previous life.  His favourite meals all originate from Italy and they are the only meals he will wolf down at speed and ask for seconds.  Spaghetti Bolognese was a firm favourite for a long time but recently when I have asked him what he wants for dinner the answer has been “pizza pizza pizza mummy!”

Nana popped along to a large toy store recently and discovered an amazing little set for him which he has spent hours playing with.  He becomes a mini Gino Di’Campo and properly starts cheffing it up in his mini kitchen.

With his love of role play and baking cakes at home, Spud and Nana decided to make their own real pizza at lunch time.  Rather than make a mini pizza for him to eat, Nana got ingredients to suit everybody and made one big enough for everybody to enjoy.


Pizza Dough


Mozzarella Ball

Grated Mozzarella




Orange Pepper

They cheated a little bit and purchased pre rolled pizza dough but Spud’s attention span is minimal so it needed to be a speedy activity!  Spud loved being involved and spread the passata over the base making sure that he got it into the corners and then declaring that it was all done.  He was then supposed to put the toppings on but decided that eating them was much more satisfying.  The toppings that did get placed on the base were flung on in all the love that a two and half year old can give to a pizza!

He was extremely excited when Nana announced that it was ready and looked so proud when he saw the results.

We all sat down for a yummy lunch made by Spud!

With his love for pizza we have been eating it a lot recently and yesterday enjoyed a hell of a lot of the stuff when we went to visit Paula and her family from Mummy Vs Work.  The Hubby and Paula’ partner have known each other since they were 11 years old so we go there a few times a year and she always treats us to some lovely food.  This time we treated her by reaching for the pizza menu!!!!

Paula has two children of similar ages to Spud and Spike so they spent the day having an absolute blast.  They certainly worked up the energy for their feast.

Even Spike got in on the action.

Eight full bellies and lots of yummy noise later and the boxes were all empty.  I can see why Spud loves pizza, it is one of the nicest, convenient meals to choose from and I hope his love for pizza continues because it has also led to a lot of fun with family and friends.

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