London Baby!

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I’ve been staying with my parents for about 10 days now and I have made the trip to London 3 times.  The first time was last Monday for the  Huggies shoot, then last Thursday for Hitachi Touro Pro E.T event and then today for a fantastic photo shoot with Danielle Owen.

On Monday I was driven to Fulham so had no problems.  On Thursday I went alone on the train and the tube.  I then had to walk from the tube station to the Soho Hotel.  I pulled out my trusty iPhone to use the Maps application and still managed to get lost!  Today I enlisted the help of my Mum and my Nan so that I didn’t have to struggle with both boys on a train with late commuters.

We took the train from Reading to Paddington and Spud was very excited.  He loves trains and spent the whole time making choo choo sounds and looking out of the window.  We walked from Paddington to Hyde Park which was a nice walk along some very affluent streets.  I couldn’t really appreciate the grandeur as I was having huge tantrums about the stroller that we took!  You all know about my pushchair obsession, we didn’t think the huge Silvercross pram would do us any favours so dug out an old stroller from my nannying days from the loft.  It was hell to push.  The handles were too low, it was hard to steer and very rickedy but I guess it did it’s job.

We arrived at Hyde Park and something switched in Spud.  He became a monster.  Hopefully Danielle managed to get some good shots (I’m sure she did, she is a very good photographer) but Spud was the most uncooperative toddler that I have ever come across.  It got to the stage where I wanted to pretend he wasn’t mine!  At one point my Mum caught him sat by a tree absolutely covered in soil.  Spike on the other hand was a total poser and was giving huge grins for the camera

It was far too hot to hang around so we went home straight after the photo shoot but I was intrigued by the giant Jelly Babies that have sprung up near Marble Arch opposite the horse doing a great nose stand!

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