Lollibop 2011

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After spending a week sulking about not going to Lollibop I read the Tweets and Facebook comments last night about the first day of the festival and decided that I was definitely going!

This morning Spud and I set off on our adventure.  I have never done the train and the tube with a toddler before so was a bit apprehensive.  I decided to take the cheap cruddy pushchair that gave me tantrums last week because it is super lightweight and I was uncomfortable about leaving my proper pushchairs alone in the Buggy Park all day.  It made travelling easy peasy.  I simply carried it whilst holding Spud’s hand for the entire train and tube journey.  I didn’t actually put it up until we got outside Regents Park tube station.  We were both getting very excited and made our way towards the park to find a suitable spot to meet up with Alice and her family from Life with my 2 Boys.

Spud was a little bit overwhelmed when we first got there.  There was a lot going on and a huge crowd as we entered trying to get I.D wrist bands on to their children.  I got him out of his pram and he met Elliott and bonded over Cars 2 stickers.  We headed over to the “Under 3 foot” section and straight into the WOW Toys tent where we were greeted by a lot of toys.  The boys were incredibly excited and got to work putting them all through their paces.  Spud especially liked the Rocket that vibrates as if it is taking off.  He was given a little toy to take home with him and he reluctantly chose a “Dinosaur and Caveman” gift set.

We set off to explore a bit more and saw Rastamouse on the main stage.  Both boys really wanted to go on the trampolines but the queue was massive so Spud and I headed off to get his face painted.  We went to the Herotopia tent where they turned him into a Superhero and took his photo.

After some more exploring we discovered the Bubblemania tent which sent Spud into a hyperactive spin.  He loves bubbles and there were hundreds of them.  We came away from there having purchased a bubble gun and touchable bubbles which I managed to sneak into the bag to try out another day.  We decided to have some lunch which was the only downside of my day.  We queued for well over an hour and Spud was getting very angry by the end of it.  The worst thing is we were both still hungry after eating a whole pizza between us.  I decided to go back for the pushchair at this point as Spud was asking to be carried a lot and it was really hurting my back.  By now it was time for the Zing Zillas on the main stage so we went over to try and get a good spot.  We were quite far back but could see everything and he was so excited that he was dancing and laughing away.  He saw Kerry from CBeebies and was a bit confused but also really happy that she was there!  He was fine with the life sized characters walking around the park until they got too close and then he became very wary and quite upset!  Even Bob the Builder who he was extremely excited to meet (he even sang the theme tune) changed him into a shy, grumpy boy when he got up close.

We spent a lot of time at the Fruit Shoot My-5 Lolliskills area where they gave us a lunch box and a lot of bottles of juice which Ben loved.  He ran around the field playing with the toys that they had out for the challenges and spent a lot of time flirting with little girls and chasing Elliott’s bubbles.


One of my favourite parts of the whole day was the entertainment that was walking around.  We saw kangeroos, Ben 10, men on a boat and even life sized gorillas.  Ben wasn’t sure of the gorillas especially when one kept undoing his shoe.

We decided to leave at about 5.30pm to avoid the rush that would occur when the gates closed at 7pm and everybody left.  We had a stress free journey home (Spud’s love of trains certainly helped) and met Nana, Pops and Spike in town where they were having their dinner.

After initial worries about the sheer cost of the day (tickets, train fares, food etc) I am so glad that I went and think it was worth every penny.  There were a lot more going on that I haven’t written about and a lot that we missed because we ran out of time.  Next year we will definately take a picnic with us because the wait was ridiculous when trying to deal with a hungry toddler.  There was plenty of choices and it wasn’t too pricey but  almost every food stall had really long queues.  I loved my day out with Spud and I’m sure we are both going to sleep well tonight as we are both really tired.  I did pick these up at the festival from Legend Pro which I absolutely love!

I was not asked by Lollibop to write a review. I purchased the ticket myself. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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