Listography – 5 things I’d change about myself

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1.  Common Sense.

In short, I have none.  I have been known to ask the silliest of questions and I am so gullible when the Hubby makes something up to have a laugh.  He is so believable that I always believe him.  For example he told me that different bits of pork came from different gender pigs.  Ham is pink so comes from girl pigs and Pork Chops are white so come from boy pigs.  If I had common sense I’d of seen this for what it was straight away!

2. The inability to accept defeat.

I am so stubborn and positive that I will always try and make the best of everything and will try and try and try to make things work even if there is no chance.

3.  Insecurity and Doubt.

Even though I try and make the best of everything, I can’t see the best in people.  I am insecure, doubt intentions and can be very suspicious of good deeds and nice gestures.

4.  Control Freak.

I raised Spud alone whilst the Hubby worked away and it has taken me a long time to accept that he isn’t just mine!  I am very controlling about the boys and things have to be done my way.

5.  Talking utter rubbish.

I interrupt people a lot and just babble utter drivel most of the time.  I know i’m doing it but can’t seem to stop!


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