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On Friday Nana and Pops decided to treat us all to a day out at Legoland in Windsor.  We had planned to meet up with my Mum’s best friend and her family at 10.30am but our day didn’t start out how we had anticipated.  Spud woke up in the most hyperactive mood that I had ever seen.  It was as if he had gotten out of bed and stuffed his face with E numbers.  He was running around the house waving his arms over his head and shouting at the top of his voice.  He got to one end of the house, took a deep breath, turned around and started it all over again!  It took all 4 adults to get him to eat any breakfast and force clothes over his head.  On top of the toddler battle we then had to sort ourselves out and pack for a whole day out.  I have never forgotten anything essential when we have gone out for a whole day but my Mum seems to think we need at least 5 times more stuff than I pack.  Cue arguments, feet stamping and the bag being unpacked and repacked about 10 times.

We eventually got everybody in the car about 45 minutes later than we had hoped to leave and left for a fun filled day.  We still had to stop off and buy some nappies so didn’t get to Legoland until about 11.30am!  As soon as we turned off the main road the excitement started because the Lego figures are places on the sides of the road leading up to the park.  Spud soon learnt how to say Legoland so we had to endure him shouting that at the top of his voice as we drove up the hill.  We had all expected him to have crashed out in the car due to his extremely busy morning but something had definitely gotten into him!

Unfortunately due to the School’s being on Summer holidays the park was jam packed.  We tried to find a parking space, after paying £6 for the privilege and eventually loaded the prams up with enough stuff to cater for an army.  We met up with Deborah and her family including her grandson who is only a month younger than Spud.  They both loved trains so it made sense to head straight to that.  The train took you around a “Safari” of Lego animals which had so much detail that they often look real.

The park was very busy and most rides had a queue of at least 45 minutes which isn’t an ideal situation to be in with two impatient toddlers.  We had a walk around and a ride on another train and then realised that it was actually lunch time.  We had a look around and found there was ample choice for eating at the park but it really lacked picnic areas.  The food was quite expensive but I did love that Spud got given an apple with his “happy meal” rather than just a box of junk.  In his lunch he was given a lanyard for collecting badges that he was supposed to receive on every ride that he went on.

Pops loves having Spud around because it means he can unleash his inner child and they soon ran off together to queue for Wave Rider.  The rest of us went to have a look at the carnival games which for the quality of the prizes were very expensive.  I managed to win a small blue fish for Spike who was very pleased with it and didn’t let it go for the rest of the day!  Pops and Spud both loved the Wave Rider but unfortunately he didn’t get given a badge for his lanyard.

We then joined the queue for the Atlantis submarine which was over a bit too quickly considering how long we had waited for the ride but it would have been a very good experience for older children as it had a good story and “mission” for them to complete.  Again he didn’t recieve a badge for his lanyard and we forgot to ask.  We then went to queue for the Boats.  There were a lot of adults in our group so we were able to swap places in the queue so that everybody got to sit down and have a drink rather than wait on our feet for hours waiting for a 2 minute ride.

One brilliant part for toddlers is the Water park.  Spud was a little wary at first but was soon running around like a loon and even started stripping off.  He didn’t want to leave that part of the park but was shivering due to the lack of sun so we decided to move on which very nearly led to a huge toddler meltdown!

We missed a lot of the park due to the amount of time spent queuing which was a real shame for the boys.  I would definitely recommend going during the off peak period to avoid the rush.  We did get to go on the dragon roller coaster and the rapids (minus the children) but did feel a bit disappointed by both.  The queue time just doesn’t make it worth it.  The day whizzed by and we ended our visit with a trip to the shop.  Spud hasn’t got any Duplo or Lego so Pops treated him to a little box to take home.

Overall it was a very good day but spoilt a bit by the amount of time that we had to wait around.  I loved how EVERYTHING is made of Lego.  There are a lot of small touches that just made it a very exciting place with new things around every corner.  The cost of the day was also a little bit obscene.  It costs £41.40 for adult entry into the park and at the moment Spud goes free but as soon as he turns 3 it will cost us £31.20.  The ticket price on top of the parking, food and extra activities in the park make for a very expensive day out.   It is definately aimed more at children above the age of about 5 as Spud didn’t appreciate a lot of the fantasy and adventure and was too short for a lot of the rides.


I was not asked by Legoland to write a review. I purchased the ticket myself. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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