I am a Pushchair Trader long term tester!

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My pushchair addiction is no secret.  So when Pushchair Trader put a call out for some people to join their team of long term testers I rushed to download the application form!

I spent an age working out what to write to impress them especially as a Blog wasn’t a requirement so I would be going up against a lot of other mums.

On Tuesday I went to Tesco with my Mum and the boys.  I was getting bored whilst my Mum was searching high and low for Anti Pasti Mushrooms, despite me telling her that no where except Aldi sell them, so I pulled out my phone (which my Mum hates seeing when we are out!)  On my screen was a notification from Facebook telling me I had a message from Pushchairtrader Jo asking me to call them to discuss “something.”

I did a premature happy dance and nearly dropped my phone in the process.  I quickly dialled the number and was asked lots of question before being told that I was in fact being invited to join their team of long term testers! Cue a very big happy dance whilst trying to remain some composure for a phone conversation!

I was informed that I have been selected to test and review the Maxi Cosi Elea.

I am extremely excited and would like to thank Pushchair Trader immensly for picking me to join the team!

I am now leaving my parents house 4 days early to get home on the same day that the courier delivers pushchair!  Watch this space for updates!

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