Food Glorious Food

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When naming our child we never thought just how much his name would suit him.  I will let you into a secret and tell you that Spike’s real name is Oliver.  We have had many jokes about the musical and I often quote lines of it myself when he is flapping his arms for more food.

When Spike was born he took to breastfeeding like a duck to water.  I was very lucky but then at 2 weeks got told to stop because that’s what was causing his problems. Naively I did as I was told.  Another 4 weeks later I was told that he actually has Silent Reflux and was prescribed Gaviscon.  Ever since he was born he has been a gannet.  Recently he has been trying new foods and we have found ourselves saying “Oh Spike quite likes this……..Spike quite likes that.”  In fact SPIKE JUST LIKES FOOD!  We are yet to find something that he doesn’t like and he is at his most happy when he is stuffing his face so here is a little video for you to enjoy!

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