A Fantabulous Bank Holiday Weekend

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On Friday we travelled up to Reading to stay overnight with Nana and Pops.  The journey was a nightmare, it took us 5 hours to get to Bristol (usually a 2 hour journey) so we stopped at the huge retail park to stretch our legs.  The Asda Supercentre is amazing.  It seriously made me want to move to Bristol just so it could be my closest shop!

We finally got to Reading 7 hours after we left home and both boys were ecstatic to see Nana and Pops.  After lots of playing, dinner and a bath they both crashed out in bed whilst we all sat down to a gorgeously greasy Kebab and chips.

On Saturday we travelled to Luton for my sister in laws wedding for which Spud was being a page boy.  We arrived at Nanny’s house to be greeted by the bride, 7 bridesmaids, the other page boy, the hair stylist and the make up artist.  To sum it up in one word it was hectic!  The Hubby escaped upstairs to try and get Spike to have a nap whilst Spud reeked havoc with his little cousin.  Put Spud and Connor together and you get a pair of proper little monsters!  We all got changed into our outfits and made our escape!

The wedding was great even though I had to leave half way through to stop Spike’s nappy stinking out the whole church I managed to catch most of the ceremony.  I got to see my very smartly dressed Spud walk down the aisle on his very best behaviour being the cutest page boy ever (Sorry Laura, Connor was cute but in my opinion no one can beat my blond haired, blue eyed toddler!)

The reception was great and I got to meet a lot of the Hubby’s old friends for the first time.  Spud thought the disco was great and had a little boogie on the dance floor.  He even learnt some break dancing moves from the older boys and made a lot of friends. Spike was swamped with attention.  Children, women and even young men couldn’t leave him alone.  He had his hair stroked, lots of cuddles and was fed a hell of a lot of buffet food!

At 8pm we took the boys home with their Nan.  The Hubby and I went back to the reception and for the first time in about 3 years I had some alcoholic beverages!  I also met the newest addition to the family, a tiny baby girl called Ruby.  Having had two boys, I crave a little girl of my own to do the pink thing with so I was very tempted to take little Ruby home with me!  Lots of the relatives ask when we are going to have more children.  They all know that I would love to and that the Hubby doesn’t want anymore.  They all applied A LOT of pressure and even he ended up having a little hold.  Here’s hoping that it made him a little bit broody!

After getting in at 3am and waking at 6am on Sunday we went to see Paula from Mummy Vs Work and her family.  The Hubby and her partner have been friends for about 17 years so we always pop over there when we are in Luton.  Her daughter, Kayleigh, is 5 months older than Spud and her son, Ethan, is 6 months older than Spike so it’s great to get them together.  Spud and Kayleigh always start off at opposite ends of the room ignoring each other and then soon become the best of friends running around and laughing their heads off.  It was a little worrying to find Spud in the bed, under the covers with a girl!

As usual we had a great day.  We love going there and tend to get to their house a few times a year.  However the last time we saw them Spike was only 5 days old so it was odd seeing him next to Ethan who is now 14 months!

After a lot of playing and some yummy pizza we left to get the boys home after a very long exciting weekend.  I hope that in another 17 years these guys will all be friends just like their daddies.

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