The Huggies Potty Training Challenge Update!

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Earlier I wrote this post about our impending adventure on The Huggies Potty Training Challenge.  I mentioned that we would be starting properly next week and this was due to him being at Creche three times a week and an all day visit to the farm on Tuesday.  Well tonight after tea he had filled his nappy so I changed him and left him nappy free for a while as I didn’t want to waste a nappy when we only had 20 minutes until bath time.  (For some reason I can’t reuse nappies even if they are still bone dry!)

Well after about 10 minutes he started pointing at the nappies and I just ignored him and kept a close eye.  He tinkled a tiny tiny bit on his leg and then on the floor but got quite agitated when I took him away from the nappies and to the potty.  Luckily Thomas the Tank Engine was on hand and I started to read to him.  He did his first ever wee wee on the potty!

It was really funny because as he started he looked down with a look as if to say “Whaaaaaaaaat is that?!”  He stood up and I went bananas.  I have never done so much praising in my life!  He seemed very interested in his wee wee so I quickly emptied it and we made a huge deal about the fact that he got a sticker on his chart.

I let him run around a bit more and he squatted over his toy bus!  I quickly got him on the potty and he did his second wee wee!  Another lot of over the top praise, high fives and a sticker!  We emptied the potty, he flushed the chain and then decided to tell me he wanted to sit on it again.  He did his third wee wee!  Granted he had to force it out but at least he’s “got” the concept!  Yet more over the top praise, high fives and a sticker.

Now is when Hubby started to find it hilarious.  Spud decided he wanted to go wee wee AGAIN.  He sat there straining to go for a wee whilst the Hubby chuckles on about how I’m being played by a two year old!  Yet more over the top praise, high fives and a sticker.

Wee number 5 is where it got interesting.  He sat there straining his little head off and did a little poo.  He was not happy.  The lip came out and his eyes filled with tears.  Now I have never been excited over poo before and I never thought i’d hear myself shouting in a high pitched voice about how great poo was!

We disposed of it and he said goodbye as he flushed the chain (how could I not laugh at that?!)

Now here is our potential problem.  After the poo incident he didn’t want to sit back on the pot.  I’m not sure if it was the poo or just that he really didn’t need a wee.  I’m sure I will find out soon enough.  We are still going to use nappies until next week like we originally planned even if we do the odd hour or so a day until then nappy free.  I will keep you posted on his progress but for now I am ending this Blog entry ONE PROUD MAMA!

You can follow see the rest of our potty training journey by clicking this link: The Huggies Potty Training Challenge

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